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We often write in AECompositionWord effects, good use of expressions can get a very shocking effect, the use of high-performance dynamic expression! The following is a detailed explanation of wiggle Xiang. You will understand it soon.

-Wiggle (freq, amp, AVEs = 1, amp_mult =. 5, t = Time)
-Freq frequency
-Amp Amplitude
-Octaves Amplitude
-Amp_mult Frequency Doubling
-T duration
Frequency and amplitude are mandatory parameters.

For example, wiggle (50,100)
-Open AE cs4
-Create a project
-New Merging
-Use the text tool Ctrl + T to input text in the Synthesis
-Apply animation presets to the text layer (menu-animation-apply animation presets)
(.. \ Adobe After Effects cs4 \ support files \ presets \ transform \ separate XYZ position. FFX)

-View control effect F3 (XYZ position separation ()
-Press and hold the Alt key, and then click the Key logs button (clock icon) on the Y axis of the effect)
-In the expression, enter "wiggle (50,100)
-Play and preview the effect (at this time, you can see that through the wiggle function, the text keeps shaking)
-Add effects to the text layer (expression control-slide control)
-Change the expression on the Y axis in (XYZ position separation)
STR = effect ("slide control") ("slide ")
Wiggle (50, STR)
-In this case, you can use the slide lever in the slide control column to control the text Y-axis vibration amplitude.
-Add the key to the "Sliding Control" effect to control the amplitude of the vibration.

There are still many expressions in AE that require you to learn and remember slowly. AE experts can skillfully use expressions to make the desired results.

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