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Apple has released iPhone OS 3.0. iPhone and iPod Touch users can use iTunes
Upgrade. The iPhone OS 3.0 contains many new features and many details for improvement. The following describes the details and usage of the 40 best functions.

1. Forward or delete text messages

This long-standing common feature has finally arrived, allowing you to easily send text messages to others or delete a text message.


    • Open Text message conversation;
    • Click Edit in the upper-right corner of the screen 」;
    • Select one text message or multiple text message conversations you need;
    • Select forward or delete.

2. Send up to five photos by email at a time

Before iPhone OS 3.0, only one photo can be sent by email at a time, but now up to five photos can be sent at a time.


    • Go to the photo album;
    • Click the arrow chart in the lower-left corner of the screen to display the "share", "copy", and "delete" options;
    • Select a maximum of five photos to share;
    • Click share. The email option is displayed;
    • Send an email with the selected photo.

3. Shake Undo and

Regardless of any application on the iPhone, if you are inputting, you can use the shake to Undo function, that is, shake the iPhone.
Undo text. If you want to return the Undo text again, just shake the iPhone.

If you have already written new text on the basis of the original text, then you shake the iPhone
Redo is performed to restore the text to the new write state, and the original text will be retained.

4. Shake to shuffle

Last year, the shake to shuffle feature was added to the iPod Nano and also came to the iPhone and iPod Touch.
. You only need to shake the iPhone to switch to a new song at random. If you are listening to a song in a specific list, it only randomly plays the song in this list.

In a short time, you may see a lot of people on the street shaking around with their iPhone or iPod Touch, just like the iPod
The white ear wires are the same as the typical "Apple password ".

5. Copy, cut, and paste

The copy, cut, and Paste functions of the iPhone can be used between applications, such as copying text from a Safari user to a memo or email.


    • Double-click a word near the text to be operated. Two blue pointers are displayed;
    • Drag the blue pointer to the beginning and end of the text to be operated, and select the text;
    • Select copy or cut 」;
    • Double-click the input area to be pasted and click paste 」.


    • Press and hold the text until a magnifier appears;
    • Release. The "select" and "select all" options are displayed;
    • Click "select" and "select all" to display the blue pointer;
    • Follow the first method to continue the operation ......

Delete selected text:

    • When a text segment is selected by the blue pointer and you need to delete it, press and hold backspace)
      Click the next line 」.

6. MMS

IPhone MMS includes sending pictures, audio and video. The video function is limited to iPhone 3g s.


    • Click the camera icon on the left side of the text message input box;
    • Select "add photo" ("existing photo" or "Take photo 」);
    • The file size may be limited by the carrier.

7. Horizontal keyboard

Previously, the iPhone's horizontal keyboard was limited to Safari
All applications that need to be input in the browser in mainland China now support horizontal keyboards, including memos, emails, and text messages. A wider horizontal keyboard is obviously more suitable for both hands.

8. Double-click the Home Key to customize the settings.

You can double-click the Home button of the iPhone to call the iPod Music function. Now you can customize your favorite features, including: Back
Home screen, Spotlight search, and camera functions.

How to Set: settings → General → home → select your preferred options.

9. Call History

When you enter the "recent call" or "voice mail" option on your mobile phone
It is automatically arranged according to the call type (mobile, home, and work. When you click the blue arrow on the right of the phone number
All call records with this number are displayed in chronological order.

10. Copy the safari link address or open it in a new window.

Hold down the URL in the safari page
Link until a prompt is displayed. You can choose to open on the current page, open on the new page, or copy the link address 」.


11. Automatically fill in the user name and password

Although there are still some security issues to consider, the iPhone now provides the automatic filling of user names and passwords, of course only limited to Safari
Automatically fill in the webpage.

How to Set: settings → safari → Auto Fill → user name and password. In addition, you can set Automatic user contact information.

12. Enter the text message

The text message sending progress bar of iPhone OS 3.0 is moved to the top, allowing you to continue inputting text messages while sending them.

13. Spotlight search 

Spotlight global search: you only need to enter one word to search for contacts, emails, calendars, memos, apps, and iPod content.

There are several ways to search for Spotlight:

    • Scroll the screen from the home screen to the left;
    • Press the Home button again on the home screen;
    • Or double-click the Home key to start Spotlight search according to the 8th custom settings.

14. voice memos

The iPhone's Native voice memo (voice memos) application enables you to record, edit, and use email
Share the recording with the MMS function, a bit like a "voice mail" without a call ".


    • When the recording is complete, click the button on the right to access the recorded audio;
    • Click share to share the audio by email or MMS;
    • Click the blue arrow on the right of the audio to view more options, including editing the audio.




15. YouTube(Not applicable to Mainland China)

IPhone OS 3.0 provides a full-featured version of YouTube
Including logging on to your account, rating videos, reading and posting comments, accessing subscriptions, saving and editing my favorites, accessing my videos, and viewing history. IPhone
3g s users can also directly upload videos from the iPhone to YouTube.

16. Safari 

The safari stability of iPhone OS 3.0 has been improved. When a large page is loaded, black screens often appear and then automatically return to home.
In the future, this situation will be significantly reduced.

In addition, even if safari only has a single page, you can also click Close.


Safari's improvements also include the auto-fill and copy links mentioned in articles 10th and 11.

17. Move the app icon across multiple screens

If you want to move an app icon on the fifth screen to the second screen, you may need to stop it on the fourth or third screen twice. But now you can directly move the app icon across multiple screens.

18. Parental Control

As iPhone OS 3.0 can be directly stored in the iTunes store
It is also necessary to download movies, TV series, podcasts, and audio books. IPhone OS 3.0 allows parents to restrict the use of Safari
, YouTube, iTunes, app installation, camera, location, appProgramIn-app
Purchases), display music lyrics or podcast subtitles, as well as movies, TV series sets, and applications (all restrictions can be imposed, or based on movies, TV series, and application grading ).

How to Set: settings → General → permission settings → select the option to be restricted.

19. Share contact information

IPhone OS 3.0 can share contact information via email or MMS.


    • Go to the contact list and find the contact to be shared;
    • On the Information page, click "share contacts 」;
    • The contact information is sent as an attachment in. VCF format in email.

20. New App Store View

The new app store allows you to directly browse applications on the page without leaving the current application.

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