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What is 1.Redis?

    • 15 minute introduction to REDIS data structures
    • Redis System Introduction
    • A great Redis intro ppt
    • Highly recommended! An unusual Redis introduction
    • Seven types of Redis weapons
    • A sharp Redis
    • Redis application Scenarios and implementations
2.Redis Internal implementation
    • Redis Source Analysis Series Articles
    • In-depth Redis internal-redis source explanation
    • Redis Source code Analysis-How to Rehash
    • Redis Source Analysis-memory allocation
    • Deep Redis internal-redis GET, SET operation process
    • Redis-REDIS Internal Structure illustration ppt
    • Deep understanding of Redis internal implementations
    • Redis Zipmap Memory Layout analysis
    • Redis Memory storage Structure analysis
    • Redis2.4 Backgroud Thread
    • Redis2.4 version of the automatic bgrewriteaof
    • Redis Cluster Feature description
    • Redis Advanced Tutorial-aof (append only file) log file
    • Memory is the Redis storage of the new hard disk
    • Redis String Type Implementation principle
    • Redis Event-Driven library structure
    • Redis Spop not a random question
    • Listen to Antirez about Redis Cluster
    • Some misunderstandings about Redis

3.Redis application, optimization and operation

Redis Operational Path (video +ppt)

Using Redis bitmap for active user statistics

Redis uses different memory allocator fragmentation rate comparison

Design of REDIS database structure

Build efficient real-time search with Redis

Estimation and optimization of redis memory capacity

Memory savings: Instagram's redis practice

Bump experience in Redis applications

Wooga's Redis Migration experience

Redis practice of Sina Weibo open platform

Redbridge: provides the HTTP API and connection pooling capabilities for Redis

Technology implementation of real-time game mapattack based on location

Using cacti to monitor MongoDB and Redis

Redis replication and scalable cluster setup

Redis + PHP Best Practices!

Redis application case, finding a range of values

PyCon2011 ppt sharing: Redis and Python

Discussion on key value design of Redis database

Case: Using Redis to store a relationship of interest

Use Redis to store your friend relationship version-python

Websockets+redis Building Eventmachine

Django-redis-cache: Using Redis as a Django cache layer

Reds: a Redis plus node. js Full-Text search engine

Phpredisadmin:redis Web Interface Management tools

Two development of Redis under Redis_warp, Redis_graph and Redis_queue-python

A Redis boot script for CentOS

Ooredis: a pythonic Redis library

One of the actual experience records for REDIS operations

Scenario comparison for small file storage: Nginx, Redis, moosefs

Quickly build a real-time crawl cluster

The evolution of Redis architecture in game company Wooga

Redis authors talk about Redis application scenarios

Live Photos of Instagram Demo:Node.js, Redis plus Web Sockets

Building access Frequency control modules with Redis

Redis-sampler: In-depth understanding of your Redis storage

Redis implements MongoDB's GetLastError functionality

A tutorial on using Redis on. Net

Facebook game developer Wooga Architecture: MySQL and Redis based

How Digg is Built: telling the technology behind Digg

Redisfs–redis+fuse-Built File system

Foursquare Data Analysis System (HADOOP+HIVE+REDIS+MONGODB)

redis-sharding– a Redis Proxy

Digg uses Redis for count storage

Redis Capacity and usage planning

webdis– provides the HTTP interface for Redis

Realize your own bloom-filter.

Applications of Redis and MongoDB in Amazon Cloud services

Redissql using SQL syntax to play with your Redis

Introduction to Redis pipelining features

Redis Web Interface Management tools

RESTMQ: Redis-based HTTP queue system

Use Redis to store large amounts of data

A. NET Client for Redis

Current situation and prospect of 4.Redis development
    • Redis2.6 new feature preview: AOF performance improvement
    • Redis author rejects Microsoft's Windows patch
    • Redis Short-term development planning
    • Redis Author Details 2.4 version improvements
    • The Redis test engine accelerates the upgrade
    • New Redis Branch for development of server-side LUA scripting support
    • Antirez's Redis Manifesto!
    • Redis or deprecated current VM mechanism, using the new Diskstore model
    • Redis database?-redis's Virtual memory introduction
    • Redis adds support for UDP
    • Redis completes pub/sub function development
5. Related News
    • Redis4you:redis Cloud storage Services
    • Redis to GO: a Redis storage service
    • Lodis: A JavaScript-implemented local Redis store
    • Redis Command Reference Chinese version translation
    • 6379-Why does Redis choose it as the default port number?
    • Cinderella provides support for MongoDB and Redis
    • About Redis's ugly brother-bigdis

Reproduced Redis Data Summary Topic

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