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Here are some common software that makes Ubuntu better, and it's recommended for new Linux beginners. Unless otherwise noted, please search the installation directly in Ubuntu Software Center.

1. Efficiency software
  • Text Editor

    • Leafpad

      Leafpad can be said to be Linux under the Notepad, small and light, fast startup speed, and can automatically identify the code, the system has solved the text editor Gedit garbled problem.

  • PDF Reading

    • Poppler-data

      In fact, Poppler-data is not a PDF reader, but if you want to use the system's own document viewer Evince to read Chinese PDFs in Ubuntu Linux, the poppler-data that provide East Asian text encoding support is a must-install package.

    • Adobe Reader

      The slow, bulky Adobe Reader is not perfect, but Adobe Reader is still the best-compatible PDF reader for Linux, and it is recommended that you install the backup.

    • Foxit Reader

      Foxit Reader is a lightweight and fast PDF reader, support for East Asian text is also very good, although the features can not be compared with Windows edition, but still is a very good PDF reader on the Linux platform.

      Installing Foxit Reader requires a manual download of the. Deb package, please visit the download.

  • CHM Reading

    • Chmsee

      Chmsee is a very good CHM reader, compact and lightweight, and excellent compatibility, is the best choice for reading CHM documents in Ubuntu.

  • Mind Mapping Software

    • Freemind

      Freemind is an easy-to-use mind mapping software that helps us quickly map out mind maps and help us organize ideas quickly and orderly.

    • XMind

      XMind interface is beautiful, compatible with the data format of popular mind mapping software such as Freemind and MindManager, and rich in function, not only can draw mind map, but also can draw fishbone, two-dimensional, tree, logic, organization chart, is a very good mind mapping and brainstorming software.

      Installing XMind requires a manual download of the. Deb package, please visit the

2. Network-related
  • Browser

    • Chromuim

      Chromium is an open source version of Google Chrome, a simple, technologically advanced, fast and efficient web browser that supports syncing preferences, extensions, passwords, and more with Google accounts. Moreover, Chromium's active and rapid update has made the Chromium continuous progress.

    • Opera

      Opera is a very simple and fast browser, starting speed and browsing speed is very fast, the interface design is clean and concise, and powerful, comes with a lot of useful features.

      To install Opera you need to download the. Deb package manually, please visit

  • Mail client

    • Thunderbird

      Thunderbird is an excellent open-source e-mail client that supports POP3 and IMAP delivery, supports newsgroups, quick Search and automatic spell checking, and has powerful spam filtering and address book capabilities, as well as a large number of extensions that can be further augmented with these extensions The Thunderbird function.

  • Instant Messaging

    • Pidgin

      Pidgin supports a large number of instant messaging protocols, and has a powerful plug-in extension that provides more Instant Messaging protocol support and enhanced functionality through third-party extensions.

  • Video chat

    • Skype

      Skype is the world's most successful online video communication tool, the cheapest international phone provider, and the best solution for Linux video chat.

  • BitTorrent Client

    • Deluge

      Deluge is a very good BitTorrent client, with its compact, versatile and versatile plug-in to enable many features beyond the core.

    • Vuze

      Vuze is a very powerful BitTorrent client that supports rich features and has a powerful plug-in mechanism that allows users to customize in depth.

  • Ed2k/kad Client

    • AMule

      AMule is a eMule-like open-source peer file sharing software, which is the best choice for using Ed2k/kad for peer file sharing in Linux.

  • FTP Client

    • FileZilla

      The FileZilla is a fast, reliable FTP client that is powerful and easy to use.

3. Tool Software
    • System Configuration Tool

      • Ubuntu Tweak

        Ubuntu Tweak is a very powerful system configuration tool, through Ubuntu Tweak, we can get rid of the command line set a large number of hidden settings, through the PPA install the latest programs, configuration scripts and templates to improve the system, through the Compiz set up dazzling 3D desktop and so on. For beginners, Ubuntu Tweak is a must-have tool.

        Install Ubuntu Tweak required via PPA, please add PPA ppa:tualatrix/ppa to install.

    • Compression software

      • P7zip

        P7zip is a Linux version of the famous open source compression software 7-zip, supporting the decompression of a large number of compression formats. P7zip is a command-line tool, but is integrated into the system's archive manager File-roller after installation and does not require a compression/decompression operation using the command line.

    • Quick Start Tool

      • Gnome do

        Gnome do is simple and easy to use, in addition to the Quick Launch of common program documents, but also has a rich plug-in implementation of many extension features, such as playing music, sending e-mail, web search, etc., is a very good quick start tool.

4. Image video
    • Video playback Software

      • SMplayer

        SMplayer is a well-known Linux play software Mplayer graphics front-end, support a large number of video formats, but also automatically recognize the subtitle file encoding, to avoid the title garbled problem, is a very good video playback software.

      • VLC Media Player

        VLC is a lightweight, fast and powerful video playback software that supports a large number of video formats.

    • Audio playback Software

      • Iceplayer

        Iceplayer is a lightweight and easy-to-use audio playback software, to solve the music tag Chinese garbled problem, support lyrics search and synchronization display, small interface, support a variety of themes, Linux is the most consistent with the people use the audio player.

        Installing Iceplayer requires a manual download of the. Deb package, please visit the

      • Rhythmcat

        Rhythmcat is a small and concise music player, solve the music tag Chinese garbled problem, support lyrics display, desktop lyrics and other functions, but also has a plug-in mechanism to further expand the function.

        Installing rhythmcat requires a manual download of the. Deb package, please visit the

    • Image editing software

      • Gimp

        Gimp is an open source alternative to the vast and expensive Photoshop, which is lightweight, but features can be compared with professional image processing software, providing a large number of filters to support advanced features such as layers, masks, channels, paths, and more. Gimp also has a plug-in-based management mechanism that makes it easy to extend functionality.


Now you can start working on Ubuntu Linux, and hopefully you'll be able to experience the convenience and fun of Linux in the process of using Ubuntu Linux. If you are having problems with Ubuntu, it is recommended that you first search for answers through Google searches, and if you cannot solve the problem, try posting to the Ubuntu Chinese forum for help.

Reproduced Ubuntu Linux Introduction (vi): Ubuntu common Software recommended

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