Required parameters for the customized LCD screen

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customer-Customized LCD screen parameters

1, Size: Large LCD LCD screen length and width, small LCD LCD screen length and width

2, display mode: positive (black on white, black on blue or black on gray) or negative (on blue or black)

3, Polarizer Type: Full Penetration (general to add backlight), semi-transparent (can be added backlight), reflection (without backlight)

4, operating voltage: General Voltage 3V to 5V (according to customer requirements)

5, operating temperature: 0℃~50℃,-10℃~60℃,-20℃~70℃ (wide temperature), -30℃~80℃ (ultra-wide temperature)

6, display angle of view: 6 points (from bottom to top), 12 points (from top to bottom), 3 points (from right to left), 9 points (from left to right).

7, connecting way: Metal feet, zebra strips, hot press paper,

8, Drive mode: 1/4duty 1/3bais (according to customer's IC and customer requirements determined)

9, driver IC: see with HT1621 or HT1622 or other (as per customer's request)

10,LCD Category: TN type, HTN type, STN type, FSTN type, VA type; 11, for non-standard products LCD order process, our company according to customer LCD/LCM product specific situation, issued a formal Quotation → The customer confirms the offer. →2-3 working days out diagram → confirm drawings →8-10 working days out sample → sample confirmation. 25-30-Day batch shipment.

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