Rescue low-version mac system upgrades

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MacBookalways known for security and stability, even so, Mac OS X system will also have a variety of failures, although the MAC system can be restored online, but very slow, and not all models are supported, so we need to make a Mac boot USB drive, Mac system USB drive can be produced in the Win7 system environment, We win7 the way to make Mac OS X install USB flash drive.

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1th Chapterthe tools you need1.1 Win7(above) system computer one,8Gor16G UDisk1.2 Mac OS XsystemDmgimage File1.3Production Tools:Transmac (MacStartup Disk Authoring Tool) v10.4cracked version

Downloaded resources that have been tested for consolidation:


1) Mac OS X system DMG image file

MAC OS 10.10.5

Link: Password:ipi0

2) Mac Boot disk authoring tool

Link: Password:BSBT


Chapter II Win7under ProductionMac OS XStartUdisk steps are as follows1.1DownloadTransmacstart-up disk making tool and install it well;1.2Insert the preparedUdisk,Udisk data to be transferred, openTransmac, right-clickUDisk Selection "Format Disk for Mac", WillUdisk format intoMacunder the format;

1.3Enter the name of the startup disk, you can leave the default, clickOK;

1.4This will pop up the dialog box, prompting will be formatted, all clickYesorOK;

1.5this interface, carried out by theUdisk format process;

1.6after formatting, right-clickUDisk Selection "Restore with Disk Image", selectOS Xmirroring;

1.7Choose a ready-madeOS x.dmgMirror, open;

1.8A popup dialog box prompts you to clear the data and clickOK;

1.9go to this interface and start executingMac OS XinstallationUproduction process, waiting to complete.

The above is the Win7 system in the production of Mac OS X system USB Drive method, this method is very simple, just a few simple steps to complete

2nd Chapter MacThe process of installing the system2.1 UNew Installation of diskMac OS XSystem Steps
InsertMac OSSystem InstallationUdisk, start the computer, press and holdOptionkey;

2.2in the Start Screen selection menu, select XXX'sUicon, click the arrow to enter the next step;

2.3Select the operating system language, such as "Simplified Chinese as the primary language";

2.4click on "Disk Utility" in the utility window to continue;

2.5Select the hard drive on which you want to install the system, click "Partition", select "Partition Layout "1partitions ", format selection"Mac OSExtended(Log- on)", click Apply;

2.6pop-up Prompt window, partition data will be erased, click "Partition";

2.7when the partition is complete, click the upper left corner to close the icon and exit;

2.8return to the utility and click "ReinstallMac OS X", continue;

2.9Open the Installation Wizard and click "Continue";

2.10agree to the Software License Agreement and click on a partitioned hard drive, such asMacintosh HD, click "Install";

2.11perform system installation preparation, restart after restart, installation process -minutes to -minutes or so;

2.12after the system installation completes automatically restarts, enters the Welcome screen, clicks continues the system configuration.

A detailed tutorial on installing a Mac OS X system with a USB flash drive is shared here, and users who need it can follow the above steps to perform a system reload operation on the Apple computer.

3rd ChapterSummary of common problems during installation3.1error One: About unable to verify this "installationOS X"Workaround for application replicas


Open Terminal input:

Date 032208102015.20
Press ENTER to confirm

Problems can be solved

Rescue low-version mac system upgrades

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