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First, competitor analysis

Analyze and study the link strategy and content layout of competitor website, help to find out the strong and weak link of competitor website, can not only see the gap between the two sides, find out the breach of the competitor, so as to optimize their website to avoid weaknesses and surpass competitors. This is also the "enemy" performance, so the competitor analysis is very important.

For the analysis of competitor websites, General needs include:

1, the website keyword analysis: the website keyword analysis: Analyzes the opponent website target keyword, the brand keyword as well as the long tail word and so on, as well as the keyword station layout strategy, must understand the competitor to do is what. The keyword analysis of the website in addition, but also to some important pages for the analysis of keyword density, there is a certain understanding can be in their own website to carry out artificial control, keyword density to do than competitors, but not too high.

2, Site history: To view the WHOIS information of the domain name, to understand the age of the opponent's domain name, record, all information and so on, and sometimes through this information to see the main market scope of the enterprise, in order to better compete with the preparation.

3, website index data: Through the query tool to view the site's PR value, Alexa site rankings, snapshots and other site indicators data, because the site's PR value, ranking, snapshots and other indicators will affect the ranking of the site to a certain extent, only to understand the competitors of this information, to formulate corresponding strategies.

4, the site is included: View the site in the major search engine collection, especially Google, Baidu, Yahoo three major search engines. For the site, search engines included in the site most of the page is the inside page of the site, because the home page and column pages only occupy a small part of the total number of pages of the site, so query the site page of the collection, you can know the search engine for the station's approval degree, But also probably know that the station in the site optimization to face the search engine friendly situation. In addition, by viewing the Web site is included in the page (more content page) content, from the analysis of the article editing, station optimization, content quality and so on.

5, the site outside the chain: through the relevant tools to query the reverse chain of the site, the number of links, quality and layout. In the analysis of competitors outside the chain at the same time, can also help us to dig out the chain of distribution channels, to find competitors outside the chain to publish the site, and as far as possible for their own use, this is a very good resource.

6, the overall analysis of the site: analysis of the site structure (whether the use of tree-like structure), internal link layout, directory structure, navigation bar structure, site map, column page settings. Reasonable site structure and station navigation can not only make search engine better crawl, but also to give users a better sense of experience, so that users more convenient access to the site.

7, page code analysis: As far as possible analysis of the opponent site every page template source code, and some sites are using open source of the site, and sometimes through the page is difficult to determine what kind of open source program, this time you can analyze the page code to determine. For those who develop their own web site, the page code may not be better mastered, but whether the use of open source or the development of their own, through the analysis of the page code, you can find the vulnerabilities and deficiencies, and then on their own website to avoid as far as possible.

8, web site planning and static URL: Static URL for the search engine more friendly, also has a certain advantage in the rankings, if found that the competitor did not do URL static, then we can occupy a lot of advantages in this respect. Web site planning can better let the weight concentration, if the opponent site does not have a good standardized web site, then this will also be a weak.

9, other: should also include the site of the label writing, robots.txt, 404 error page settings, 301 and many other redirects, the number of dead links in the station.

Second, keyword positioning

After the analysis of the opponent's website, began to do their own site keyword positioning, mainly on the target keywords and brand keywords positioning as well as the long tail keywords and hot search keywords layout. Usually, the brand keyword should be the name of the website or the name of the enterprise, the target keyword is the main product of the enterprise or relevant keyword with certain search quantity, the long tail keyword can be the expansion word of the target keyword, related word, association Word and so on, hot search keyword may be more timeliness, So for the above four kinds of keywords should be well positioned and reasonable layout.

Third, in-Station optimization

1. Structure optimization in Station

For search engines, flat, tree-like structure more conducive to the search engine included, and the layout of the page should conform to the user's focus on the distribution map (f-type), the site should be appropriate to add auxiliary navigation, breadcrumbs, navigation, and the idea of SEO to determine the key words of each navigation. In addition, the site should do a good job inside the station directional anchor text settings, the relevant articles, related keywords through the form of anchor text linked together, play the role of the weight in the site's internal transmission, but also conducive to spiders on the site more pages crawling.

In the appropriate location of the page to add the latest articles, recommended articles, hot articles, related articles, such as the article plate, the content of the Web page does not duplicate the role, so conducive to the inclusion of spiders. For corporate websites, perhaps because the site itself is limited to too many articles to update, this time can be in the enterprise station level directory to add a corporate blog, forum, Wikipedia, and so on, through the first-level directory station to the site to update the main station of the article and call, but also to enrich the content of the site, Enhance the role of the weight of the main station, which is the common station of the enterprise station strategy.

2. Internal chain strategy

The number of directional anchor text in the page should be controlled, an article anchor text too much will have the traces of excessive optimization, anchor text too little will waste resources, so the number of anchor text should be controlled in the page content of the word ratio of about 1%. Search engines to different links will be given the same weight, should keep the relevance of the linked object is high, but also should give important pages more attention, let it appear in the site more pages above, make it a weight page. In the construction of the chain inside the website, the absolute path should be used and the relative path should be avoided.

3. Optimization of the details in the station

(1) Title: The optimization of the details in the station is the first, the title of the writing, for the enterprise station, the general wording of the title can be "Product name – Site name" such as the classification, you can also add the site's slogan and contact phone, such as "Product Name – Site name – Tel: 12345678".

(2) Keyword description settings: The next is the label of the writing, mainly refers to the keywords keyword tags and description description tag, keyword tags can be used to write, each page do not too many keywords, home generally in between 3 to 5 between the appropriate, Content pages should also be controlled in such a degree. In fact, each page main focus on optimizing a keyword such effect will be very good, in order to achieve the rational use of page resources and the maximum effect, the whole station needs to do a sum of keywords layout analysis, so in the end a page to do a few keywords depending on the situation. Describe the writing of the label, generally using such writing format, in order to make the description of the label in Search engine optimization play the most important role, should control the description of the number of tags and the use of keywords.

(3) URL standardization and normalization: to try to ensure that every keyword in the site points to a URL, a URL can correspond to different keywords, home recommended to use an absolute address, and to each page to determine a unique web site, the URL is determined, whenever the need to use the site, are only the use of the site, This can play a central weight of the purpose. For example, and These two URLs, they represent the results of the page are the same, but in the friendship link or the anchor text in the station, whenever the site involved in the location, Only the URL that is uniquely identified is used uniformly.

(4) Robots.txt: When the search engine spider program to visit the site, will first visit the root directory of robots.txt files, according to the rules set in the file crawling Web pages. The robots.txt file is not required to exist under the site root directory. But the file should exist, or when the spider crawling site is likely to be the wrong return code, so even if you allow spiders to crawl the entire site, should also be in the site root directory to create an empty robots.txt file, so that the site as little as possible error.

(5) Main navigation, secondary navigation, breadcrumbs navigation: Web pages generally exist in three categories of navigation, respectively, the main navigation, secondary navigation and breadcrumbs navigation. Main navigation usually refers to the site at the top of the category navigation, secondary navigation generally appear at the bottom of the page, breadcrumbs appear in the site where the location should be involved. General to the site's homepage optimization target keywords, and will be more than the target keyword key words with the Column page optimization, which is the main navigation in the site optimization played a role. For the secondary navigation, usually appear in the footer, generally for the purpose of improving the Web page keyword density and the role of making the weight page. Breadcrumbs are supposed to exist in a Web site, because it can let visitors know exactly where they are in the site, the existence of breadcrumbs is also a performance of user experience, in addition, breadcrumbs navigation in the positioning of key words can be flexible to determine, in the Web page keyword density is low, Some key words can be stacked in the breadcrumbs.

(6) 404 error page: 404 error page is when visitors visit the site of the wrong link or dead link, the browser returned page page, the page is mainly a hint of the role. For an enterprise website, do a beautiful 404 pages is very important, one can increase the trust of the website, the second can bring customers to the enterprise. In the production of 404 pages, should pay attention to 404 pages with the structure of the site, content, theme similar, so that visitors clearly do not come to the wrong site and continue to guide the next user behavior, can be added to 404 pages of the main column links, so that visitors choose where they should go. If you must add a jump code on the 404 page, then suggest that the 404 page in the robots.txt file using the Disallow command to screen out, to avoid too many pages are pointing to the same page, there is suspicion of cheating, so the search engine is not friendly.

(7) 301 Redirect: In many of the pages of the jump, only 301 jump is to search engine friendly, but friendly does not mean that can be used indiscriminately. 301 The main role of the jump is to redirect domain A to domain B, the function is when visitors visit a URL of their own jump to visit the B site, is generally used in the site temporary or permanent domain name changes in the case. Although this 301 jump is the search engine allows to use, but also do not exist in the site too much, generally just the domain name jump when used.

(8) Inner-page station directional anchor text: Anchor text refers to a keyword with hyperlinks, in-station directional anchor text refers to the anchor text of the hyperlink address is the site's internal address rather than access to outbound. In the site to do a good job in the station directional anchor text, one can be very convenient spider crawling, so that the spider program to better traverse the entire Web site, two can have a certain link between the Web page, not only to facilitate the visitors, but also improve the site's page view (PV); Three to the role of the chain, thereby increasing the weight of the page. It is worth noting that the enterprise station may not be like the article station as a lot of text content, then you can build a directory station in the station, in the station in the post text content, and then use the station inside the station to do the directional anchor text, so the weight of the main station to upgrade and ranking has great benefits.

(9) The use of three labels: these three labels mainly refer to H1, H2, H3 These three labels, the weight of these three tags is H1 greater than H2 greater than H3, which should be the most important is the H1 label, the label of a page in general appear once appropriate, usually to the page to do the keyword plus H1 tag. For the article content page, is usually the content title plus H1 tag, because the H2 and H3 tags are not excessive use of the number of requirements, so for other to do the keyword can be added. Class H tags In addition to these three, but also can continue to expand to H4, H5, H6 and so on, but they have no effect on the search engine, so in doing search engine optimization will only use these three tags.

(10) Picture Alt Tags: for the Enterprise station, the main nature of the enterprise is the sale of products to gain, so in the enterprise website will appear products display pictures. Therefore, it is necessary to add the alt tag of the picture. ALT tags previously played in search engine optimization to increase the density of the Web page keyword, but as the search engine algorithm changes, this role has gradually weakened, so now the main purpose of adding ALT tags to the picture is to improve the user experience, This way, when the user accesses the image, it is obvious that the image represents what it means. The writing of the ALT label should note that its statement should be coherent to express the meaning of the sentence, should not be the keyword accumulation of sentences, or may be the search engine identified as black hat means, when cheating processing.

(11) Bold Tags: Enterprise station product Display page, when the product name may be bold highlighting, in the Web page tags used for bold labels mainly have <strong> and <b> these two, from the perspective of SEO, should use <strong> tags, because for search engines,<b> bold tags only represent the meaning of the text, and <strong> in addition to the text and bold to represent the emphasis of the meaning.

(12) Article Editor: corporate Web site More time is the words in the update of the enterprise dynamic and product information, so the site editor to do more work. From the perspective of Search engine optimization, a qualified site editor will not only write to the user to read the article, but also should be addressed to the search engine to read the article. So in writing articles, publishing articles should be aware of the "around the word" use, as well as the focus on the page keyword density. The keyword density of each page should be controlled within 10%, and in order to be more advantageous than the competitor, this density should be higher than the competitor. So it should be in the article can appear some keywords, especially to pay attention to the first paragraph in the keyword, and in the first time when the keyword to give bold treatment, such articles will be easier to get search engine rankings.

(13) Sitemap: Enterprise station is mainly to display corporate image and sales of products, then the details of the site should be noted. Site map is mainly divided into three categories, is the. txt format, respectively. XML format and. html format, the site map submitted to the search engine can make spiders better crawling site, for maps of these three formats, where. XML-formatted maps are primarily made for spiders, and. HTML-formatted maps are written to users. The main contents of the HTML-formatted map should include the main columns of the site. , main topics, main pages, and so on, for less content of the site, can include the entire site of the entire content page, all the content addressed to the user should take more account of the user experience. It is recommended that a Web site should exist at the same time. XML maps and. HTML maps, so as to ensure that the search engine optimization, but also to ensure that the user experience optimization.

(14) Keyword deployment and long tail keyword mining: In the site, the site should be the main keywords to do some general understanding, and then the system of the allocation of which page to do which keyword. After the establishment of the enterprise station, more optimization is spent on the optimization of the long tail keyword, so for the long tail keyword mining is very important. For example, an iphone corporate website, its long tail keyword can be "the latest iphone quotes", "iphone minimum Price", "where the iphone to buy the cheapest" and so on, a good corporate station, You should think of ways to make these long tail keywords as good as possible rankings.

(15) Page Dynamic Update: In the Web page can appear the latest articles, articles recommended, random articles such as the place, you can add these sections, so that when the search engine spiders visit each time to see the content will be different, so for the collection will be very helpful.

(16) User experience Optimization: With the search engine algorithm changes as well as the increasing demand of netizens, search engine optimization has gradually merged with the user experience optimization, so in doing search engine optimization should always stand in the user experience angle to consider. For the enterprise station, in order to improve the user experience, the site should appear to our message, contact us and other related exchange content, and the overall layout of the site (including plate settings, page coordination, color collocation, etc.) should be in line with the user's senses. In a comprehensive way, the user experience optimization should include five aspects such as sensory experience optimization, exchange experience optimization, browsing experience optimization, affective experience optimization, and trust experience optimization.

The use of Flash Animation: Some corporate websites in order to attract visitors to the eyeball, will be added to the site a large number of flash animation. However, from the point of view of the search engine, the contents of Flash animation can not be crawled by search engines. So, you can not use Flash animation, try not to use, if you do not want to use, you should also add some text and anchor text links to the page to achieve the spider to other pages.

(a) JavaScript script: As with flash animations, search engines do not recognize content in JavaScript scripts, so try not to include page content in JavaScript scripts.

DIV+CSS Programming: The same page can be implemented using a different Web programming method, which can be implemented using a table, or it can be implemented using DIV+CSS. And Div+css has more benefits, such as thin code, modification, the page is smaller, the use of DIV+CSS implementation of the Web page to open faster, so use div+css to write Web pages when the search engine recommended.

Four, outside the station optimization

In doing search engine optimization, mainly divided into station optimization and station outside optimization, station optimization is the optimization of their own intervention, for the external optimization of the relative will appear a lot of uncertain factors. Outside the station optimization mainly includes:

1, Friendship Links: Friendship links can play at least three aspects of the role, one is to attract spiders, the second is to obtain traffic, the third is to help the weight and ranking. So in the exchange of links, you should take into account these three factors. From the point of view of attracting spiders, exchange links should be high weight, snapshot new, included good site; from the point of view of the traffic, should exchange the popularity, the high degree of attention of the site, from the site weight and ranking point of view, should exchange the site ranking good, high weight, strong correlation of the site. For the enterprise station, should exchange with the related enterprise class, the industry class website.

2, the soft article submission: All does not involve the social news report, the current affairs news article all may consider is the soft article, the soft text may play the role which guides the reader behavior. For example, you can often see about Google, Facebook article, but these are not social news reports, just a few personal views or commentary, etc., but such articles appear more, others will feel that Google, Facebook is a very well-known and powerful companies, because the exposure is high enough. And if you see an article that says Google Browser is good, readers will probably believe, and then download Google traffic and install the use. In this way, the soft text unknowingly played a role in advertising and guiding consumption. For a sales of products based enterprise website, more should be invited to do soft writing, do a good job of soft marketing. Soft text In addition to this role, good soft wen will be widely read and reproduced, this is a very good outside the chain of resources, for improving the weight of the site by a great advantage.

3, search submission and directory submission: Search submission refers to the URL is submitted to the search engine, so that the search engine included in the index database. and directory submission refers to the site is submitted to the Web site navigation station and classification directory, now well-known web site navigation station has hao123, 360 navigation, etc., but such a navigation station for the possibility of the site is not very large, so the enterprise station can choose the relevant industry site navigation Area submitted. Classification Directory is the most well-known is the Yahoo directory, this is a highly authoritative site of manual editing, if possible, corporate Web sites can go to such categories to submit a directory.

4. Classified Information network: Enterprise website in the outside of the station optimization has a great advantage is that you can better use the classification information network than other sites such resources, you can often go to 58 with the city, net, Bai such a classification information network above the release of the recruitment information, of course, not necessarily have to recruit and so on, can be appropriate to fabricate some information, in such a site to publish information more is to do outside the chain of resources rather than real recruitment.

5, Yellow Pages Web site: Now almost all walks of life have their own industry Yellow Pages site, all can submit, to submit the site address.

6, submit collection and net pick: Network Favorites and net pick is more popular in recent years outside the chain of resources, looking for as many as possible network favorites, and then registered to use, the company's Web site on the continued to add to the collection. Also can submit the website to the Information aggregation class website, for instance catches shrimp net, Feedsky and so on, for the Good article, will be widely recommended.

7, the blog outside the chain and the forum signature: the most common form of the chain is to go to the major blog site registered blog, and then published in the blog post or reply to the article and left the Web site. The same is true for forum operations.

8, sprocket strategy and Group station strategy: Outside the station to do improper optimization, it will be easily identified by the search engine as cheating, so can avoid to avoid as far as possible. To the site to do outside the chain can also be considered sprocket and group station. is usually the blog of different sites through a certain link to link up the shape of the chain, so that when the spider crawling in the chain in the loop crawl in order to capture more content and weight transmission, and the proper means of operation can also avoid being judged as cheating. Group station strategy is to build the station group, and then as a chain of resources or each site only to do a few keywords, a class of group station is used as a chain of resources, another type of group station is used as a keyword optimization.

9, social sharing: social sharing (SMO) has also been closely linked to search engine optimization (SEO), a variety of social sharing tools have been introduced. Baidu as China's largest search engine, also launched the Baidu sharing function, which is common in the back of the site to see the small hand Baidu. Through the experiment shows, Baidu shares the more times, for the site in Baidu Search ranking is good. Moreover, the content through Baidu sharing to share to the social platform, can increase the chain, but also can increase the amount of web site visits.

10, Encyclopedia entry: to a certain extent, the enterprise has not created Baidu Encyclopedia entry has become a judge of the quality of the enterprise one of the criteria. Therefore, enterprises should create their own encyclopedia entry, in the entry details of enterprise information, thereby enhancing corporate image. If you add a link to the corporate web site in the entry, this will be a very good outside chain.

11, question and answer platform: Enterprise website for the question and answer platform this piece of optimization should be valued, an enterprise should strive to avoid some negative information by more netizens to see, and strive to let the positive information display. And this information often appear in some question and answer platform, such as Baidu know, often can see "what what good" such a question and answer, so, corporate website can make as much as possible to create some of these know questions and answers, you can use the form of self answer, the enterprise image display, and attached website site

Summary: Search engine optimization is with the advent of the search engine, of course, with the development of search engines in the continuous development. In the search engine industry, also gradually appeared white hat seo and black hat seo, white hat seo focus on using the search engine algorithm to use the operation means, so the white hat Seo method is widely advocated by search engine optimization method. Relative, Black hat SEO focus on search engine algorithm loopholes, using the search engine's imperfect use of cheating means to achieve short-term promotion of the role of the site rankings, white hat and black hat each have their own advantages, but also have their own drawbacks. For a business station, long-term benefits are the most important, then or recommend the use of white hat means, select the right keywords, do a good job in the station outside the optimization, perfect user experience, adhere to, the enterprise station will be favored by search engines to get a good ranking.

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