Resolution is not enabled in Windows Server 2008 when you install SQL Server R2 1433 port

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SQL Server typically has a default port of 1433, but sometimes encounters an issue where port 1433 cannot be connected, and checking whether port 1433 is enabled is as follows:

Start –> input cmd–> Enter –>telnet localhost 1433-> A black screen appears in the carriage return, indicating that the native connection port 1433 successfully .


Start –> input cmd–> Enter –>netstat-an | find "1433" enter 1433 port to indicate that the native 1433 port is open.

I encountered a problem during the installation process: Port 1433 is not enabled.

System environment: Windows Server R2

SQL version: Microsoft SQL Server R2

1, completely new installation of SQL Server2008, delivery research and development use. Research and development feedback, database connection is not up. The following error is reported:

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2. View both the SQL Server service and the TCP/IP protocol are turned on.

3. Use " start –> input cmd–> Enter –>netstat-an | find" 1433 " Enter ", did not see the IPv4 1433 port open, and see IPv6 1433 Open, also thought is IPv6 reason. Uninstalling the IPV6 is still not working.

4. Modify the TCP port in TCP/IP in SQL Server configuration Manager under SQL Server network configurations.

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The original, such as, TCP port no port number, plus 1433 is not resolved.

5, the last reference on the Internet other methods, in fact, the above operation from the problem solved already very close. Recently modified places, such as:

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is to modify the "TCP port" in "IPALL" to 1433. The problem is resolved.


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