Resolution of conflicts between IP address and hardware address

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In the campus network, the most convenient way to make trouble is to steal someone else's IP address, the computer that is embezzled IP address not only can not use the campus network normally, but also will frequently appear the IP address is occupied the prompt dialog box, to the campus network security and the user application brings the extremely hidden danger. Bundled IP addresses and MAC addresses can effectively avoid this phenomenon.

What is MAC address

Network card in use there are two types of address, a class is familiar with the IP address, the other is the MAC address, that is, the physical address of the network card, also known as the hardware address or link address, which is the only identity card itself, as if it is our identity card, the general can not change at It has nothing to do with the network, regardless of the network card access to the Internet where the MAC address is unchanged. The length of the 48-bit binary number, consisting of 12 ~0ffh 16-digit, each 16-digit between the "-" separated, such as "00-10-5c-ad-72-e3."

How to find a MAC address

1. Under Windows 9X/2000/XP, click Start/Program to find MS-dos mode or command prompt.

2, at the command prompt input: "Ipconfig/all", enter a dialog box as shown in the attached picture, where the "Physical address" is the search for Mac addresses.

How to bundle MAC addresses and IP addresses

Go to MS-DOS or command prompt, and enter the command at the command prompt: Arp-s 00-10-5c-ad-72-e3, you can bundle the MAC address and IP address together.

In this way, the IP address will not be stolen and can not use the normal campus network situation (of course, there will be no error message dialog box), can effectively guarantee the campus network security and user application.

Note: The ARP command is only useful for the Internet Proxy Server on the LAN, and it is for static IP address, if the modem dial-up Internet or dynamic IP address will not work. The functions of each parameter of the ARP command are as follows:


-S: Binds the corresponding IP address to the physical address, as the example in this article.

-D: Deletes the corresponding IP address and the physical address bundle.

-A: Displays the IP address and the corresponding physical address situation by querying the ARP protocol table.

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