Resolve 360 Security browser crashes four tips

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When you use 360 browsers, you occasionally run into a browser crash. So how do these things work out? The following, small series to share a tutorial, I hope to help you.

Resolve 360 Security Browser crashes

Method One:

Release 360 of the memory used by the browser, the installation of 360 installation defender can use the 360 accelerator ball One-click to accelerate the release of unnecessary memory. If the browser crash screen is jammed, you can right-click on the computer desktop taskbar and select Task Manager. or press Crol+alt+delete to eject Windows Task Manager, which will end the 360SE.EXE process.

Method Two:

Upgrade version 360 or load the latest version, select the 360 browser menu bar to check the new version of the help will be prompted to upgrade the new version. Uninstall 360 Browser Reinstall, enter my computer, click Add/Remove Programs, choose 360 Browser Delete, and then to the official website to download the latest version of the installation.

Method Three:

Repair 360 Browser One can use the browser's own browser doctor function to repair, click the browser doctor, select a key repair can be. The second is the use of 360 security guards 360 computer rescue function, turn on computer rescue, input "browser crash", can appear various browser crash problem repair function, click Repair on the line.

Method Four:

Computer poisoning requires the use of anti-virus software to kill the virus, and the infected file isolation.


Browser use itself will occupy a certain amount of memory, if the computer memory itself is relatively small, then the likelihood of a crash is greater, it is recommended to replace the use of 2G or so memory.

How, is not very simple, hope to be helpful to everyone.

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