Resolve cannot create JDBC driver of class ' for connect URL ' null ' problem

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These two days with a database link pool, there is a problem on my computer to run is very good no problem, but switched to a colleague on the computer on the show "Cannot create JDBC driver of class" for connect URL ' null ' "very depressed, not had finally settled.

My Computer environment: Myeclipse10 +apache-tomcat-6.0.37

Colleague Environment: myeclipse8.5 +apache-tomcat-6.0.37

My server.xml:

<resource name= "Jdbc/minaservice" auth= "Container" type= "Javax.sql.DataSource" maxactive= "$" maxidle= "30" Maxwait= "10000" username= "root" password= ##### "driverclassname=" Oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver "url= 
	" jdbc : Oracle:thin:@ "removeabandoned=" true " 

Colleagues Server.xml and I, (under Context.xml server.xml configuration can also context.xml is the global configuration).

The problem is here myeclipse8.5 the Tomcat server below is the case when you import an external tomcat there will be one of the following folders you will find below:

Server.xml and Context.xml, when I opened it, I found that the contents were not the same as the contents of my modified Server.xml in the Tomcat directory, and I changed the configuration to the same as in Tomcat's Conf.

And then the startup actually OK.

Summary: No problem with my profile the version of MyEclipse makes it impossible for Tomcat to load the configuration file, just configure it in the picture above and in Tomcat's Conf.

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