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That's weird! Today's Apache and IIS are unable to load php_mysql.dll correctly. Google a bit, the original found that there are many people this problem, PHP startup:unable to load dynamic Library:e;\php5\ext\php_mysql.dll. Obviously Php_mysql.dll is placed in extension_dir (= "E:/php5/ext") under the well, how can it? And in the Php_mysql.dll before the Extension=php_gd2.dll did not appear this problem, strange! Some people say that copy Libmysql.dll to%windir%\system32 can solve the problem, in fact, "Huashan not this Way":

PHP was moved by me,%programfiles% to e:\, causing some extensions to be dependent on other DLLs to work properly loading these DLLs, and loading them up
Wrong, to just php_mysql.dll for example, Php_mysql rely on Libmysql.dll, due to PHP5 Novo, and did not put the new E:\PHP5 aisle%path%
, so it's impossible to find this libmysql.dll. So in order to be able to use these MySQL extensions, in addition to properly configure Extension_dir outside
, you also have to ensure that the system is able to rely on the DLLs that these extensions depend on, with two solutions:
1 copy these dependent DLLs to the%windir%\system32
2 or add the PHP5 installation directory to the%path%.
Whatever it is, it can achieve our goal.
It's simple enough, but sometimes I can't think of where to go.
Exactly which extensions depend on which DLLs? The following list can help us to answer this question:
Php_curl.dll Curl, Client URL library functions Requires:libeay32.dll, Ssleay32.dll (bundled)
Php_domxml.dll DOM XML functions PHP <= 4.2.0 Requires:libxml2.dll
(bundled) PHP >= 4.3.0 Requires:iconv.dll (bundled)
Php_fdf.dll fdf:forms Data Format functions. Requires:fdftk.dll
Gnu_gettext.dll (bundled), PHP >= 4.2.3 requires Libintl-1.dll,
Php_iconv.dll iconv characterset Conversion Requires:iconv-1.3.dll
Php_ingres.dll Ingres II functions requires:ingres II libraries
Php_interbase.dll InterBase Functions Requires:gds32.dll (bundled)
Php_java.dll Java functions PHP <= 4.0.6 requires:jvm.dll (bundled)
Php_ldap.dll LDAP functions PHP <= 4.2.0 requires Libsasl.dll (bundled),
PHP >= 4.3.0 requires Libeay32.dll,ssleay32.dll (bundled)
Php_mcrypt.dll MCrypt Encryption Functions Requires:libmcrypt.dll
Php_mhash.dll mhash functions PHP >= 4.3.0 Requires:libmhash.dll (bundled)
Php_mcrypt.dll MCrypt Encryption Functions Requires:libmcrypt.dll
Php_mhash.dll mhash functions PHP >= 4.3.0 Requires:libmhash.dll (bundled)
Php_msql.dll mSQL Functions Requires:msql.dll (bundled)
Php_mssql.dll MSSQL Functions Requires:ntwdblib.dll (bundled)
Php_mysql.dll MySQL functions PHP >= 5.0.0, requires Libmysql.dll (bundled)
Php_mysqli.dll mysqli functions PHP >= 5.0.0, requires Libmysqli.dll (bundled)
Php_oci8.dll Oracle 8 functions requires:oracle 8.1+ Client Libraries
Php_openssl.dll OpenSSL functions Requires:libeay32.dll (bundled)
Php_oracle.dll Oracle Functions requires:oracle 7 Client Libraries
Php_sybase_ct.dll Sybase functions Requires:sybase Client libraries
Php_xmlrpc.dll XML-RPC functions PHP >= 4.2.1 Requires:iconv.dll (bundled)
Php_xslt.dll XSLT functions PHP <= 4.2.0 requires Sablot.dll, Expat.dll (bundled).
PHP >= 4.2.1 requires Sablot.dll, Expat.dll, Iconv.dll (bundled).

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