Resolve MSDE2000 installation SA strong password sapwd switch and mixed mode login issues

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Resolve MSDE2000 Install SA strong password sapwd switch and mixed mode logon issues September 9, 2012today to help customers install a certain software, need to use SQL Server database, has been directly installed SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition finished, but think this is too large, installation slightly trouble. Customers use software that does not require more complex SQL Server functionality.

In fact, I want to try SQL Server 2005 Express, the helpless thing is that the software is too old, can only be used with SQL Server 2000, in fact, SQL Server 2000 also has a similar "Express" version, That is Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine (MSDE), Microsoft official here. Two versions of Chs_msde2000a.exe and Chs_msde2000a_winme.exe are available for Windows XP and the above versions Chs_msde2000a.exe.

After the download is complete, double-click Run, select the decompression path, the program will unzip all the installation files to this path:

Then go to the decompression path to find the installer, double-click setup.exe installation MSDE2000, in this step prompt error, and the installation program automatically exits, the installation failed!

For security reasons, a strong SA password is required. Please use the SAPWD switch to provide the same password. Please refer to the Readme file for more information. The installer will exit immediately.

At this point we need to find the Setup.ini in the installation directory and modify it to the following:

[Options] securitymode=sqlsapwd= fill in the sa password here

Once we're done, we'll be able to install MSDE2000 again by running Setup.exe. In addition to modifying the Setup.ini file, we can also run the installation package as a command:

C:\msderela>setup sapwd= "sa password" securitymode=sql

After the installation is complete by starting, all programs, start, double-click "Service Manager".

Locate the Red Square icon in the lower right corner and open it and click on the "Start/Continue" Green Arrow to run SQL Server.

Here, basically the configuration is complete, we can use the osql -U sa command to check the results.

How to solve the login mode problem, we know that MSDE2000 does not have the enterprise version of so many powerful visual operation tools, but there are some basic command tools such as osql, if you want to solve the login mode problem, but also by modifying the registry to achieve, refer to Microsoft's KB article " How to: Verify and change the MSDE system administrator password.

The secret to determining the MSDE2000 login mode is the HKLM\Software\Microsoft\MSSqlserver\MSSqlServer\LoginMode registry key, which, by default, is for Windows authentication, The value of the LoginMode registry subkey is set to 1. If Mixed Mode authentication is enabled, this value is 2.

To log in using mixed mode, follow the steps below:

1. Stop MSSQLSERVER and related SQLServerAgent services, you can open the Service Manager in the Control Panel management tool, or start running input services.msc directly open the Service Manager, find the related services, right-click Stop. or use the following command:

net stop Mssqlservernet stop SQLServerAgent

2. Run regedit to open the Registry Editor and locate the LoginMode key, if it is installed by default, the path is HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\MSSqlserver\MSSqlServer, If the instance is installed, the path is HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft SQL server\<instance name>\mssqlserver\

Double-click the LoginMode item, select 16 in the DWORD editor, a value of 2, and then click OK.

3. Start the MSSQLServer and related SQLServerAgent services that have just been stopped for the changes to take effect. You can use the following command:

net start Mssqlservernet start SQLServerAgent

Resolve MSDE2000 installation SA strong password sapwd switch and mixed mode login issues

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