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Very few times, Excel will appear when the user opens the Excel file appears Book1, this kind of situation is generally the Excel file with the macro virus or the user computer has infected macro virus, then only need to download the macro virus to kill or use some of the macro virus has the effect of anti-virus software, You can resolve the Book1 that users appear when they open an Excel file.

A macro virus is a computer virus in a macro that exists in a document or template. Once you open such a document, the macros are executed, and the macro virus is activated, transferred to your computer, and resides on the Normal template. Since then, all automatically saved documents will "infect" the macro virus, and if other users open the infected document, the macro virus will be transferred to his computer.

At present, the domestic Jinshan has a macro virus kill, 360 antivirus has macro virus immunity and can clear macro virus and keep the normal file; Rising, Jiangmin has office reinforcement, both of the macro virus is clean virus, keep the file. Foreign kill soft, bit Brahma, Kaspersky, MSE, Norton, McAfee, the trend of these are able to clean up the macro virus, retain the file. In addition, if the anti-virus software can not solve, genuine anti-virus software users may require antivirus software vendors to help clean up the virus in the file.

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