Resolve unable to open camera prompt "Failed to create video preview, check device connection"

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Some friends may have met on the "My Computer" when the camera to open the prompt "failed to create a video preview, please check the device connection," but can be through the QQ video, this is how it? How to solve?

Killing virus

Generally encountered such problems, first of all, to the computer antivirus, if it is a virus to cause file damage, need to kill the file to repair the virus, to avoid "symptoms do not cure."

Update Camera Driver

The camera driver file damage will cause this problem, users can download the driver wizard or drive life, update the camera driver can be resolved.

Check to see if WIA starts the service

Open the Control Panel---Administrative Tools---services---see if the Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) service is started. If not, set it to start automatically.

Re-registering system files

You can resolve the problem by registering the following three files with the command regsvr32. PROPPAGE.DLL/DIRECTSPY.DLL/DIRECESPY.AX Quartz.dll can solve the problem.

The specific operation is: Click "Start"---"Run", enter "CMD", and then run the following command

regsvr32 Quartz.dll

regsvr32 Proppage.dll

regsvr32 directSpy.dll

If there is a "... Failed to download the DLL file when the specified module was not found.

Copy regsvr32 Proppage.dll, regsvr32 directSpy.dll, regsvr32 Quartz.dll three files to C:windowssystem32 Inside. Then press the steps above to restart the computer and restart the camera.

This method is not valid for all users, and if it is not, try the method described below.

Anti-registration storm AV file

Storm AV 2009 There is a version and a conflict with the Windows Video Image preview caused the problem of not creating a video preview. It's a video decoder problem. You reinstall the video player such as Storm Audio, Realplay, and so on, and then back to register, the specific operation for the click "Start"---"Run", enter "CMD", and then run the following command: regsvr32 UVIDEOTUNE.AX, this file is located in the default C:Program Filesstormiicodec, after the registration of the impact of the function of the storm, you can check their own.

If you have this situation, it is recommended to uninstall the "Storm Audio and video" software, you can solve the problem. Then download the other video player installation again. In addition, the proposed users need to download the revised enhanced version.

Copy msvfw32.dll file and register

This problem can also be caused by missing msvfw32.dll files or being corrupted under directory c:windowscsystem32. Have this puzzling netizen can draw lessons from, appear this problem, download or copy this file from other computer to C:windowscsystem32 directory, just in case can copy avicap32.dll together, with Regsvr32 Msvfw32.dll command to register and restart the computer. If not, you can download the following link:

  Msvfw32.dll Download

  Avicap32.dll Download


Msvfw32.dll is a Microsoft BMP bitmap compression and decompression related file for Microsoft video videos.

Avicap32.dll is a Windows API application interface module that is used to intercept video and AVI footage of the camera and other hardware.

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