Resolve Win7 Notebook Prompt "Please consider replacing Battery" issue

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Notebook installation has WINDOWS7 users most computer fault near boot suddenly found that the computer's lower right corner of the battery has a red fork, prompted "Please consider replacing the battery WIN8" and "your battery problems, so may cause your computer WIN8 suddenly shutdown."

Browser settings

Notebook installation has WINDOWS7 users recently turned on the computer in the lower right corner of the battery has a red fork computer failure, prompted WIN7 "WIN8 please consider replacing the battery" and "your computer malfunction of the battery out of the problem, so it may cause your calculation WIN8 machine suddenly shutdown." The "Please consider replacing battery" hint may be that Windows browser set 7 battery driver exception, need to update the battery drive browser settings move. Below WIN8 to see how I solve the browser settings are now "Please test IE to replace the battery" this fault.

Online Search Vegetarian WIN7 for a long time, and finally found a solution, the experiment ie feasible.

Battery Symptom:

Possible causes: Windows7 Battery driver exception, need to update the computer failure browser set Battery driver. WIN8

Solution steps:

1.Disconnect AC

Disconnect the AC WIN7 flow power



3.Remove Battery

Remove the battery.

4.Connect AC

Connect the AC power supply



6.Under The batteries category, right-click All computer fault of the Microswin7oft ACPI compliant Contwin7rol method b browser Settings Attery Li Stings, and select Uninstall (it&rsiequo;s OK if you _disibledevent= "Text-align:left; text-indent:2em" > Uninstall driver WIN7: Computer-management (ie right choice) win8-Device Manager-Battery-microwin7win8soft ACPI compliant control method Battery

Browser settings



8.Disconnect AC

Disconnect IE AC power

9.Insert Battery

Plug in the battery WIN7

10.Connect AC

Connect the AC power supply

11.Startu computer Failure P



After the update, the battery will gradually increase from 0% ie, the last 100%. Wow, My computer failed notebook battery before the highest charge to 98%win8, now unexpectedly to 100%.

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