Resolves an issue that opens SQL Server SQL always on Group transaction log increase

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After AlwaysOn is configured, because there is no use of the full recovery model, the simple or bulk-logged mode is not available, so the log is growing and cannot be emptied using the change recovery mode

Manual operation shrinking or truncating the log is also invalid

After reading some articles, it was found that someone used

Primary instance out of availability group-modified to Simple recovery model-Modify back to full recovery model-full backup-add back to availability Group-restore secondary replica (note with NoRECOVERY)-Restart synchronization

This is feasible, but it is too troublesome, for us to increase the daily 70GB log files, the operation is too frequent

Perhaps I am not familiar with SQL Server, in fact, as long as "backup preferences" (availability groups, right-click, properties,) on the specified DB instance "Backup transaction log" to back up and truncate the transaction log

For a database with a high transaction log growth as long as a maintenance plan is established, regular backup of the transaction log can be a few minutes to one hours


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Why a full backup cannot truncate the transaction log

Resolves an issue that opens SQL Server SQL always on Group transaction log increase

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