Resolving how to troubleshoot routers not getting WAN addresses

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The router's wide area network address could not be obtained, that is, the router page has been showing the connection status, IP address can not be logged on, resulting in the normal Internet access. How should this situation be resolved? The following small series share is the router WAN address can not get the solution.

First you need to check the Internet bar router's WAN port led is already lit, if the WAN port led is not lit indicates a network cable or crystal head problem. At this point you need to check the connection state of the network cable and the Crystal head interface.

Then check that the router is configured correctly and save the reboot, otherwise the settings will not take effect.

Sometimes you may need to clone the MAC address of the NIC to the WAN interface of the router, and set up the reference router manual.

Another situation is when your computer is located behind a firewall or router, preventing direct connection to the Internet. This requires that the network address translation device being used supports UPnP technology.

About the router's support for this technology, please look at the router instructions you use, and consult the manufacturer's technical support. Individual routers need to set UPnP to enable in LAN settings.

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