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Because I encountered such a problem for the first time and did not know how to solve it, I did not answer the question for a long time in the group, and I did not receive any help in the forum, so I had to find information and research on the Internet, I have never touched visit. I just learned that it is caused by a different startup principle from XP. Some experts may know the solution, but there is not much information about it on the Internet, there are also a lot of people who ask for help, but I just figured out that I would like to share with you what is wrong and I hope to give more comments. I just tested the feasibility.

First, let's talk about the specific problems I encountered:

I first installed Windows XP on drive C, and then Windows 7 on drive D. In this way, everything works normally, because I used to back up the XP system, so I restored the C disk with one click, but the problem also came out, in the system boot item, there are only Windows XP and one-click restoration options. There is no way to enter the Windows 7 system, because I have never been in touch with Windows visit, directly from XP to Windows 7, so I am not very familiar with the startup principle of Windows 7, So I studied it for one afternoon and solved the problem.

Before solving the problem, let's take a look at the differences between Windows XP and Windows 7 startup principles, and how the dual system starts:

In Windows 7 + XP, Windows 7 uses bootmgr to take over the system startup mode. After the computer self-check is complete, start to search for the active primary partition (usually C :) and load it.

The STARTUP configuration files (namely c: \ Boot \ BCD) and c: \ Boot. INI, according to BCD and boot. the startup information stored in ini lists the boot menus (that is, the dual-system boot menu ). For dual-system users, "Microsoft Windows 7" and "Old windows" are usually listed ".

If the former option is selected, bootmgr gives control to winload.exe (under \ windows \ systems) in the Windows 7 system directory and starts Windows 7. Select the latter, bootmgr hand over control to ntldr, then start to read c: \ Boot. ini and list the boot menu configured in it.

Boot failure: the bootmgr(if the file is lost, then the file named javasbcd( ))))))))vista Vista) and ntldr (the file is lost and XP cannot be started. (In my case, the bootmgr file is lost, and the BCD file startup information is incorrectly configured)

Here we will solve the problem:

First, we need several backup files (bootmgr, ntldt, BCD, bootsect). If you have a Windows 7 system disk or image, you can extract it directly.

There is also a tool-easybcd

Note: The operation of easybcd in XP requires the support of Microsoft. NET framework2.0. You can download and install easybcd at

The following operations are performed in Windows XP. Because files and system files are hidden, it is best to display the system and hidden files. In the folder option, click View, remove the hidden protected system files (recommended) and select to display the files and folders.

Copy bootmgr and ntldt (usually under drive C without copying) to drive C. (This disk C is the default system, depending on the situation)

Copy BCD and bootsect to the C: \ Boot \ directory.

Then run easybcd

Switch to "Add/Remove entries" on the left, select the original invalid start menu in the right pane, click Delete to delete, and then add a start item under Add an entry. To add an XP startup, select "Windows NT/200/XP" in version, select "C: \" in drive, and set "name" to "Windows XP" (Figure 3 ). Same as above, add the startup Item for Windows 7 (select Windows Vista/longhom for version, D: \ for drive, and set name to Windows 7), and click Add entry to save the configuration.

Open "run" (Start> RUN) and Enter cmd

Enter "bootsect/nt60 C:" In the c: \ Boot \ directory (nt52 is deleted without double quotation marks)

Last restart

Last words:

Each person may encounter different problems from me. I solve them according to my own situation. The above is just a reference. I found not many materials on the Internet, and many others are modifying boot. INI, some cannot solve the problem, and some are particularly troublesome. When you encounter problems, you can always solve the problem by looking for more information on the Internet.

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