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I have been familiar with asp for nearly three years. I dare not say that I am proficient. At least I am also Skilled. Three years ago, asp was the most widely used web server technology. I used asp to write a lot of programs. At that time, I always felt that I was not writing a program, but creating a webpage. At that time, I felt very low. I don't need to compare it with vc, that is, comparing it with jsp is not a grade. those vbscript textbooks are not very professional, but vbscript is inferior in terms of language. after came out, it was completely different from asp. Not only did c # make a very professional language, but also provided a brand new model (server-side events ), this makes people feel that they are writing programs and feel that they do not know how many times better than asp.
Later, I always had the opportunity to use the java platform. With asp basic jsp, there was basically nothing new. however, jsp is more professional than asp, but actually servlet is more professional than asp. writing a program in java feels different and has a great pride. however, the implemented jsp is indeed more complex than asp, and there are a lot of tags. unlike asp, only <% and %> are available, but the functions are the same. I have not tried to implement asp that jsp can do, but it is more convenient. I am now using the struts and hibernate structures, and the database has the original SQLServer to DB2, Oracle. I feel that java is really not as easy as I think. struts is indeed a good MVC framework. Its excellence does not care about its implementation, but lies in its design (to implement the MVC model for you, ). however, I don't feel very good about hibernate. I don't think it can improve efficiency, but it also makes me confused. I don't know how long it will take to really understand its API, if you don't understand it, you have to copy the program. It is better to write the JDBC implementation by yourself. I found that many people abuse these things, and they don't even know what's going on. copy a piece of code to complete the process and don't know what JDBC is. I don't believe that he can use Hibernate well! Not to mention the database. DB2 and Oracle are both slow to death, occupying a large amount of memory and using SQLServer for ease of use (MB memory can run very quickly ). there is also the application server, regardless of WebLogic, WebSphere, and tomcat, which can be easily configured.
The biggest advantage of java is cross-platform. Now I find that this cross-platform is not a big advantage. Generally, databases and application servers rarely change. why should we change Oracle with DB2 and use WebLogic with WebShpere? However, it is not as easy as we thought. I think the biggest advantage of java is its openness.
A few days ago, one of my colleagues started learning asp. I think it is a bit funny, but now I find that asp has a great advantage. simplicity is the biggest advantage. In fact, asp can also be very good. The key is that the person who writes the program, not the program itself. I found out after reading something written in java: java programs can also be so bad. If you use asp to write so badly, you can understand it. now I found that asp can be so excellent!
My opinion: whether the program is good depends on the programmer, not the language.

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