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Nowadays, with the development of society, various mobile devices are emerging one after another, and browsers, large and small, are dazzled. This makes code programmers who write code specifically compatible with various browser sizes very depressed. The following describes the display size of each device.

General screen LCD dedicated wallpaper size:

1280x1024, 1600x1200, 1920x1440

16: 10 wide screen LCD dedicated Wallpaper:

1280x800, 1440x900, 1680x1050, 1920x1200, 2560x1600

16: 9 LCD and wide screen Wallpaper:

1280x720, 1366X768, 1600x900, 1920x1080

General screen CRT display dedicated Wallpaper:

1024x768, 1280x960

1280x1024 (ratio:) wallpaper, applicable display includes: 17-inch LCD, 19-inch LCD

17 inch flat LCD display:

Although the 17-inch screen supports 1280*1024, the font size is too small in 1280*1024 resolution. It is very laborious to look at it. We recommend that you use 1024*768 resolution.

19 inch flat LCD display:

The 19-inch screen is actually a good size. The 1280*1024 resolution has its unique advantages: large characters, easy to recognize, and the size and resolution also exceed 19 inch wide screen LCD. For most games, there is no compatibility problem at all (for example, some older games do not support wide-screen display, so the game runs two black edges on the wide-screen, which is not very nice ). After years of development, the cost is relatively low and it is very suitable for popularization. Unfortunately, with the advent of the wide screen era, the 19-inch screen will never lose the opportunity to become a mainstream specification.

1600x1200 (ratio: 4-3) Pop-screen wallpaper, applicable display includes: 20-inch pop-screen LCD

20 inch LCD screen:

With the advent of Microsoft Vista's latest operating system and the improvement of Liquid Crystal panel technology, the use of 1600*1200 resolution is growing. At present, 1600*1200 is the perfect resolution for 20-inch General screens. The text size is appropriate, and there is no annoying "pixel sense". The display size is also very suitable for office purposes.

The 20-inch screen panel consists of two resolutions: 1600*1200 and 1440*1050. The former is standard. From the perspective of specifications, the 20-inch is not perfect. First, the size is only one inch larger, the visual area is not much higher than the 19-inch, and the price increases rapidly, making it difficult to popularize.

1920x1440 (4-4 ratio) wallpaper, applicable to displays including: 21-inch flat LCD

21-inch flat LCD

4: the maximum size of a 3lcd display is 21 inches. I am afraid there will be no larger 4-3 products in the future. Although the 21-inch display is only a little larger than the 20-inch display, the cost is about twice as expensive as the 20-inch display. Therefore, the 21-inch General screen display is relatively deserted on the market.

1280x800 (ratio:) wide screen wallpaper, applicable to: 12.1 inch, 13.3 inch, 14.1 inch LCD wide screen wxga laptop

Wxga (wide extended graphics array ):

As the wide screen version of a common XGA screen, wxga uses a ratio of to enlarge the screen size. Its maximum display resolution is 1280 × 800. Since its horizontal pixel is only 800, in addition to the 15 inch base, 12.1 inch of the base also uses this type of screen.

12.1-inch portable LCD screen:

Today, most 12.1 inch laptops use a wide screen design, with a wider screen width than before, so that the keyboard can be closer to the standard keyboard design. Because of the adoption of new materials, the weight of the entire machine is getting lighter and lighter. It can be said that the 12.1-inch notebook has become the first choice for portable people, especially female friends.

13.3 mainstream LCD screen:

As a wise consumer, both configuration and portability are considered during the selection. Under such requirements, it seems that the 13.3-inch screen notebook is the most suitable. On the one hand, it can ensure the portability of the situation, neither the 10-inch, 12-inch as stingy visual area, at the same time the configuration is much higher; on the other hand, compared with the 14-inch or 15-inch screen, this type of notebook is much lighter and lighter, and the configuration is not inferior.

14.1 inch business LCD screen:

14.1 inch of the products have been selling well, and this size is suitable and the price is reasonable. Especially for male friends, although 12 inch of laptops are portable, they are not a good fit, while 15 inch or 17 inch of laptops are used in a great atmosphere. For friends without a car, commuting every day is a big test.

1440x900 (ratio:) wide screen wallpaper, applicable display includes: 17-19-inch wide screen LCD, 13-inch and 15-inch Apple book

17-inch wide screen LCD display:

The 17-inch LCD is indeed worthy of the title of the wide screen. However, the resolution of these displays is 1440*900, which can undoubtedly browse more webpage content on one page. However, compared with the X pop-up screen, due to the influence of the size of the LCD panel, the size and clarity of the text have dropped by a step.

19 inch wide screen LCD display:

Compared with the 17-inch wide screen, the 19-inch wide screen font is clearer. Compared with the 19-inch General screen, its 1440 x, 16: 10 size ratio is also more in line with the characteristics of ergonomics, it has a good effect on improving visual fatigue.

Data shows that in the home market, the sales of 19-inch wide screen display has exceeded the traditional 17-inch 4-3 display, and far exceeded 19-inch 4-3 display, becoming the dominant product in the home market. In addition, in the OEM field, more than half of home users' computers have been equipped with 19-inch wide screen monitors, which have become the standard configuration for home computers.

1680x1050 (ratio:) wide screen wallpaper, applicable display includes: 20-22-inch wide screen LCD

In addition to the majority of more than 15 inch of the wide screen notebook, the current more popular large size wide screen 20-inch \ 22-inch LCD-TV also uses this resolution.

20 inch wide screen LCD display:

The resolution of a 20-inch wide screen is only 1680*1050. The 20-inch wide screen image is more delicate due to the small dot distance. At the same time, although it is only 1 inch larger, compared with the 19 inch LCD display, its application has increased a lot, and the 20 inch wide screen is wider than the 19 inch wide screen.

21 inch wide screen LCD display:

The 21-inch wide screen product has the same 1680x1050 resolution as the 22-inch wide screen. As the display size decreases, the dot distance also decreases, the most intuitive feeling is that the image is finer than the 22-inch image.

22-inch wide screen LCD display:

Because it provides the same resolution as the 20-or 21-inch wide screen, the layout is large, so the dot distance is also large, so it is more suitable for the human eye to read the text, it is not prone to fatigue, more ergonomic.

1920x1200 (ratio: 16: 10) wide screen wallpaper, applicable display includes: 22-inch and 24-inch wide screen LCD

Part 22-inch wide screen LCD:

Due to the improvement of the production process, a small number of 22-inch displays can support a resolution of 1920*1200, which improves the resolution without increasing the visible area, A screen can display more content. Therefore, theoretically, the screen will be more delicate, but there is still a problem with the font being too small.

24-inch, 25.5-inch, and 26-inch wide screen LCD:

The optimal resolution of the three wide screens is 1920*1200, which can fully meet the point-to-point display requirements of P films. They are not only a super-large computer display, but also can be used as a high-definition LCD TV. Similar to the 1080p standard HD resolution, the screen is displayed more clearly, the details are more delicate, and the color level is better.

2560x1600 (ratio:) wide screen wallpaper, applicable display includes: 30-inch wide screen LCD

30-inch wide screen LCD display

From 15 to 30, the wide screen LCD is now complete. It is almost foreseeable that the development of a computer monitor to 30 inch can be considered the ultimate size, and it is not suitable for a display when it is bigger.

For this reason, the use of the HDTV standard 1920*1200 will not be enough, the particle sensation will be very bad, so the 30-inch resolution is raised to 2560*1600, in view of the large size, the 30-inch wide screen text is quite good.

1280*720 (ratio: 16: 9) wide screen wallpaper for netbook, 720 phdtv, 17 wide screen display.

The same resolution as 1024 p video is of course the best choice for Video watching. In addition, the resolution higher than 600 x makes the netbook of this size more compatible with the game.

1366X768 (ratio:) wide screen wallpaper, applicable to display: 30-inch wide screen LCD TV, 42-inch LCD TV, 46-inch LCD TV; 10-11 inch netbook; 12.1-15.6 at; 18.5 LCD

At present, LCD TVs have two common physical resolutions: 1366X768 and 1920x1080, depending on the Panel used by LCD TVs. The former is adopted by most LCD TVs, for example, the resolution of 32 inch LCD TVs is usually 1366 × 768. The latter, also known as the "Full HD" product, is the highest resolution specification currently achieved by HD videos. It is mainly used in LCD TVs of sizes above 37 inch, at present, LCD TVs with full HD resolution are available in 37 inch, 42 inch, and 47 inch on the market, but most of them are 1366X768 models. For users, the 1366X768 model can basically meet their needs, and the DVD resolution is much higher than 720x480. However, some players on the market have the "doubled" function, it can output P or even I images to meet the needs of LCD TVs.

More and more laptops begin to use the resolution of to replace the original. for manufacturers, the cutting of the LCD panel at is the most economical, and the entire LCD Panel can be fully used, therefore, the 16-9 notebook basically replaces the position. For 12-15 inch LCD panel, although the resolution can reach X, it is too demanding for manufacturers and screens, so in 12.1, 13.4, 14.0, 15.6, 1366 and other 16-9 laptops, the mainstream is 768 x resolution.

1600*900 (ratio: 16: 9) wide screen wallpaper, applicable display includes: 15-inch wide screen laptop, 20-inch wide screen LCD TV, 16: 9 LCD TV.

1600*900 wallpaper is applicable to a relatively small range, only 15.6-inch local and 20-inch LCD.

1920x1080 (ratio:) wide screen wallpaper, applicable to display: 21.5, 23.6, 23 and 24 wide screen LCD

21.5 inch, 23.6 inch, 23 inch, 24 inch wide screen LCD:

The perfect support for 1920*1080 1080p standard liquid crystal display is the product of the IT industry and the household appliance industry standards, and truly achieves point-to-point display of P images, compared with the display, the upper and lower sides of the display at this resolution are narrower, either in the panel size or in the physical pixel size.

As the perfect 1920*1080 Full HD resolution, these displays are suitable for home game players and HD movie players. The current xbox360, PS3 and Blu-ray players are undoubtedly the best signal sources.

1024x768 (4-3 ratio) wallpaper is currently the absolute mainstream display resolution, applicable to displays include: 15-17 inch LCD display, 15-17 inch CRT Display

15 inch flat LCD display:

This model is an entry-level LCD display. It is not very demanding for computers. It is just used for surfing the Internet. It is no problem for normal users who want to watch movies. This type of display has average advantages and disadvantages and has no obvious weakness. Because of its long time and low price, this type of LCD is a good choice.

17 inch flat LCD display:

Although the 17-inch screen supports 1280*1024, the font size is too small in 1280*1024 resolution. It is very laborious to look at it. We recommend that you use 1024*768 resolution.

15-17 inch CRT Display:

One of the most widely used display types, the CRT flat screen display has the advantages of large visual angle, no bad points, high color reduction, even color, adjustable multi-resolution mode, extremely short response time, and so on, in addition, the current CRT display price is much cheaper than the LCD display, so in the office environment, it is still dominated by a 17-inch CRT display.

1280x960 (4-4 ratio) wallpaper, applicable display includes: 19-inch CRT Display

19-inch CRT Display:

The principle of CRT display is very different from that of LCD display, from 640*480 to the maximum resolution, you can adjust the line width and width to display the full screen. How can we determine the optimal resolution of the CRT display? Here we need to know from two aspects: first, the visual habits, that is, the feeling of the font size; second, the indicators of the picture tube, that is, whether the font lines are clear and sharp under the actual display effect. The bandwidth of the circuit design needs to be excluded here, because the manufacturer has designed the corresponding bandwidth according to the display size during design. The visible area of a 17-inch CRT display is slightly equivalent to that of a 15-inch LCD display. In other words, the text font size is basically the same when the two display a resolution of 1024*768. Similarly, the optimal resolution of a 19-inch CRT display is equivalent to that of a 17-inch LCD display, that is, 1280*1024. However, because the horizontal-vertical distance of the CRT display is different from that of the LCD display, and it can be easily adjusted to achieve full screen display, it is best to use 1280*960.

The above is the display size of each device. In the face of so many display size problems, we can use responsive layout for Perfect compatibility, so that the layout can adapt to the display of each size.

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