Review of the history of AI into China, review of the history of AI

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Review of the history of AI into China, review of the history of AI

In 1955, American scholar John McCarthy (1927-2011) first proposed the term "AI", meaning: artificial intelligence is The science and engineering of making intelligent machin ". At that time, Chinese people were not clear about what the "intelligent machine" proposed by Mr. meant. They were busy with other things all day ,......

Around around 1978, Mr. canchuan Lu, a computer department of Beijing airlines, returned from the United States and began to encourage's idea of "smart machines". A fresh air entered the Chinese academic world, with many followers, I am also involved in this process, which eventually led to the founding of the "China Institute of Artificial Intelligence (CAAAA)" (National first-level institute in 1981 ).

Now, time has passed for many years, and time has indeed changed. Each year, as many as thousands of young students are majoring in AI. Recently, Microsoft (China), a multinational company registered in China, successfully launched an artificial intelligence product "Microsoft xiaoice" robot, with thousands of smartphones instantly becoming "smart machines ", broaden the horizons of Chinese people.

Today, artificial intelligence (AI) is a very large and comprehensive discipline, and its research field is extremely large. It is not a "small workshop" that can be used to attract users. If you are ambitious, you can follow the tips.

Today, artificial intelligence has been included in the national key research plan, and its prospects are limitless. May the "smart machines" of the year of spread all over China ,......

Yuan Meng, September

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