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Rhythm Master to take care of themselves through the video through a small series to share the article players also have a certain understanding, will inevitably encounter difficulties, so the following we hurry up to see the rhythm of the master to take care of their own skills introduction.

The melody of this song is relatively slow, so the players can not imagine the difficulty is not very big, we do not have to worry. Only in the middle of the song, there will be a few long turn key, this time your fingers can not relax oh, in the long corner of the middle of the midway accidentally loose, then the long key to the score is in vain.

Players need to be in the settlement when the score is not less than 70% of the total score can be successful, is it difficult for you? Players quickly experience the game.

Small make up here to remind everyone, in the game before we can not touch water, so with the button click when there is a great relationship oh. Finally hope that everyone can pass the success of customs clearance.

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