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Cell phone ringtones often reflect a person's personality. Some friends don't shake their phones in the study room, so they just need to make electricity.@ # $ ^ % ^ @ & ^ % # $ & $ *@The voice is still loud, lest others cannot hear it.

Windows Mobile On the device, how do I set the ringtone for a cell phone call? InWindows Mobile 6 SDK Samples The app for setting ringtonesProgram. This application can scan all directories of the device and2.16.wav" AndZookeeper" File to let the user try and copy it to a dedicated directory. Of course, if the device supports MIDI File, you can also ". Mid" Added to the program, mainly reflected in "Private void scandirectories (string directory )" In this function.

The API Including: Sndgetsounddirectorieslist , Sndplaysync , Sndplayasync , Sndopen , Sndstop And Sndclose , Through Platform Invoke Use them in a hosted environment. When debugging, we can use Windows Mobile 6 SDK Of Cellular emulator Tool to simulate. The specific method is as follows:

1. Open Cellular emulator , It is in Windows Mobile 6 SDK Of Tools Directory, such 1 .

Figure 1:Cellular emulatorDirectory

2. Click "De : Com *" Remember (here I am Com3 ), Different machines may have different Com . For example 2 .


Figure 2:Cellular emulatorCOM port number in

3. Enable the simulator Configure Com3 Enter the port number Serial Port 0 Text Box. If you cannot find your port number in the drop-down list, you can enter it by yourself. For example 3 .


Figure 3: Set serial port 0 in emulator

Note: About cellular emulator more detailed usage, for more information, see Article : Windows Mobile 6 SDKInCellular emulator .

Then you can CellularEmulator Interface Windows Mobile 6 OfEmulator Call to test our ringtones. Select "Add to ring tones" Copy the file to the device. "My device"-> "Application Data"-> "sounds" Folder. I put "Coldplay" The two songs are added, as shown in figure 4 . Figure 5 call timeEmulator.

Figure 4: directory of "sounds" in emulator 5: Incoming callEmulatorInterface

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