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Rising Antivirus 2007, is based on the eighth generation of virtual Machine Shell engine (VUE) research and development of a new generation of information security products, can accurately kill

All kinds of shell variant virus, unknown virus, Hacker Trojan, malicious Web page, spyware, rogue software and other harmful programs, at the speed of virus processing

degree, virus clearance ability, virus false alarm rate, resource occupancy rate and other major technical indicators to achieve a new breakthrough. At the same time the user can be free

Load installation package, with free search virus and real-time monitoring function, without the user every time to connect to the Internet can be free to check the virus.
Functional characteristics:
1. Virtual machine Shell engine (VUE), the virus library reduced by 1/3, greatly reducing resource consumption.
2.Startup Scan Exclusive preemptive anti-virus
3. Vulnerability attack Firewall linkage
4. Second generation of intelligent speed increase to killing the virus
5.NTFS Stream Hidden Data killing
6. Unknown virus Killing (Patent No.: ZL 01 1 17726.8)
7. Eight large monitoring system
8. Active vulnerability scanning, patching
9. Automatic Seamless Upgrade (Patent no: ZL 1 42155.X)
10. Support 64-bit operating system
11. File Crushing Technology
12. High-speed mail monitoring technology
13. Spam Smart White List
14. Mini Antivirus
15. Patent Data Repair (Patent no.: ZL 01 1 17730.6)
16.IE Execution Protection (ie leak-proof wall)

Note: Do not need any installation serial number, I hope you have fun!
Run the folder under the "Setup.exe" to install! As for the upgrade, you can download the incremental upgrade package!

Optical cable Interrupt antivirus software cannot upgrade rising free one months
Product serial number: csa5v1-s7rjng-eqv4s6-g8e200, user ID:U2MZUAJ6QFVR
With the above serial number can be free anti-virus.
Please cooperate with rising upgrade nanny use will be able to upgrade the
Download page:
Rising nanny Upgrade
Rising nanny launched the upgrade, the software is just dodged ID verification .... Direct Start rising upgrade program, all virus database data are straight

Read the rising official ... With the official one second is not bad, convenient and fast, absolutely safe and easy to use.
Upgrade the use of rising nanny before you notice: Production upgrade Nanny's original intention is to the vast number of users to solve the immediate problem! Please, after the emergency, we will

Its deletion (limited to 24 hours), long-term use please purchase genuine rising! Support Domestic software. This procedure is strictly prohibited for commercial use! Appear

I am not responsible for any problems!
[Function Introduction]
1. Free ID Unlimited upgrade rising anti-virus software 2006 version and Rising Firewall 2006 version (support download version, OEM version, etc.)
2. Automatically detect the new version and upgrade (to ensure that users are using the latest version of the upgrade nanny)
3. Support HTTP proxy (convenient intranet need proxy user)
4. Support for temporary restoration of the Hosts file (temporarily change the hosts to the official website before upgrading, and not conflict with other escalation methods)
5. All upgrade data from the rising official website download
During the upgrade, the nanny will open the http://www.yzsc.cn (the site of the friend who provides the space) and http://mys530.com in the background

(Read upgrade data) Two pages, I absolutely guarantee the security of these two pages, will not place any Trojan, will not get your personal information

! If you have any questions, please stop using!
~ has stopped the 06 version of the update, please upgrade to 07 version ~
Official website: http://rs.mys530.com/rs
Official Download: Http://rs.mys530.com/rs/public207j.rar

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