Rising anti-virus software "cloud killing" and "Frequency conversion" function

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Rising anti-virus software V16 "automatic frequency" and the cloud killing function is the original function of rising company. They can make the anti-virus process more intelligent, users no longer need to play games or run other programs to interrupt the anti-virus process, while allowing the cloud security system to protect the local security immediately, let's look at the following.

Frequency conversion Anti-Virus function

Rising anti-virus software V16 technology can be intelligent detection of computer resource consumption, automatic allocation of anti-virus use of the system resources, not only to ensure that the computer normal usage, but also to ensure computer security.

Rising frequency of Anti-Virus

When we use computers on a daily basis, we often run multiple programs together. If the computer then run anti-virus software, it is very easy to appear "card machine" situation. And rising according to the user's current system state, to determine the user is running other programs, so automatically reduce the anti-virus speed, thereby reducing the anti-virus software system resource consumption, for users are running other programs allocated more resources.

Rising of the "frequency of anti-virus" can ensure the rapid and efficient anti-virus, but does not affect the normal use of users, is the real "anti-virus fast card machine."

Cloud Killing function

In the traditional anti-virus mode, the collection, analysis and determination of suspicious programs are done on the client computer, and the virus characteristic database can only be updated by the method of regular updating. And rising cloud killing engine can solve these problems very well.

Cloud Killing analysis

The cloud killing engine allows users to quickly share virus signatures from the entire Internet. In the case of the cloud killing, antivirus software clients in the day-to-day monitoring, scanning process to detect some suspicious procedures at any time, in the case of user choice to send it to the cloud server for a preliminary analysis, once identified as a virus, will be further reported and feature analysis, and finally entered the virus feature library.

At the same time, in the cloud killing workflow, the computer's clients no longer need to complete the suspect program analysis, judgment, and so on, but more computing work to the cloud implementation of the server, so significantly reduce the client system resource occupancy rate.

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