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U disk and e-mail is the transmission of the volume of virus channels, each to kill the soft both to the targeted protection, Gallop PC security field for many years of rising anti-virus software is natural. Rising anti-virus software V16 to the latest research and development of the inverter antivirus engine as the core, the U disk's protection capability has also been greatly improved, the electronic mail monitoring is also more intelligent. Let's take a look at the details below.

Heuristic Scanning protection U disk

Rising anti-virus software using a heuristic scanning, can greatly enhance the detection rate of virus. This technology is ahead of traditional technology both in terms of safety and efficiency. Heuristic Antivirus is the use of virtual machine technology, so that the virus early exposure to identity.

Rising of U disk protection

When users insert U disk, mobile hard disk, smart phone and other mobile devices, rising will automatically intercept and killing Trojan, backdoor, virus, etc., to prevent its intrusion through mobile devices user system. Users can choose whether to "Block U disk in the program automatically run", and set U disk scan standard.

If the user is not comfortable with the content of U disk, we can also choose "Active Scan". With the help of the frequency conversion antivirus engine, the scanning process takes up only a small amount of system resources and does not affect the operation of our other programs. This is a feature that other security software does not have.

Rising monitoring engine to prevent email

Many users in the use of Outlook and other mail software will be affected by spam and virus mail harassment, and now there are many security software in this area is not very good for the initiative, and rising anti-virus software V16 in the mail monitoring has a strong function.

e-mail Monitoring

In the protection of the mail system, rising can be a strict monitoring engine, can be used for compressed files in the package scan. Rising also use the white list function, and the list of messages can not be passed. Rising can monitor the key parts of the mail system. If a bad address entered, rising will freeze its behavior, and ask the user whether to release. Thus, basically no spam can escape the rising anti-virus software V16 defense system.

Compared to its previous version, rising anti-virus software V16 product performance and compatibility has been significantly improved, the U disk and other equipment to monitor and protect the ability of the mail is greatly improved.

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