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Online shopping fraud has now become a complaint to the hardest hit. According to media reports, the current online purchase complaints volume ranked in the forefront of the consumer sector. In 2011, a total of 30355 complaints were made on net shopping, which grew by 43.3%. According to the "Rising 2011 Annual Safety Report", the phishing site to the Internet users caused by the economic loss of at least 20 billion yuan. To this end, rising security experts on the network to buy users 6 suggestions to ensure the safety of online shopping.

1 search results to be found, beware of fishing sites to stare at you

Hackers will build phishing sites, and for "weight loss", "breast", "So-and-so" and other popular words for malicious search engine optimization, in the user search to find these hot commodity information, these fake shopping sites will be ranked in front of the position.

Rising experts: Be sure to use the security software with anti fishing function, so as to effectively avoid the invasion of phishing sites.

2 spam messages and SMS, Q group Weibo is not credulous

Hackers will use people's dream of overnight wealth, a night to lose weight of the psychological, buy a large number of e-mail addresses and mobile phone numbers, to send users fraud information. According to statistics, about five out of 10,000 of users believe that SMS tax fraud information, more than 1 per thousand of users believe in e-mail "viagra" ads. Hackers also through the Q Group, micro-blog and other ways of mass fraud site and information, the use of trust between people, so that the efficiency of deception greatly improved.

Rising experts comment: the sky will not drop pies, greedy for petty psychology must not have, "friend" recommended also don't be credulous, need to check first.

3 before payment antivirus first, link file not point

Rising has been intercepted for the domestic famous website of the malicious virus, when the virus invaded the user's computer, will modify the system host list, so that users open the normal shopping site automatically jump to the hacker established phishing website. Some netizens like to bargain with the shopkeeper, exchange, the hacker uses this kind of psychology, uses with the Netizen Exchange opportunity, sends the bundle virus the picture or simply is the poisonous website address, after the user poisoned, will face the account password theft and so on.

Rising expert comments: In the chat with the store, do not click on the other side sent the unknown link, not to receive files.

4 pay time to polish the eyes and see who the payee is.

Hackers will use the virus to modify the user's system settings, when the user through the net silver payment, the virus will be designated by the user account of the recipient secretly replaced by the hacker's own account, so that the surface look at the user's money to the shopkeeper, in fact, into the pocket of the hacker.

Rising experts: Similar to the "net Silver Super theft" virus ever-changing, users click on the "Confirm Payment" button must check whether the payee is the real seller.

5 Third party payment should be held firmly, do not turn the account directly

Hackers will invade online shops, posing as the shopkeeper to release the news, and to "speed up the flow of money, direct transfer to buy can enjoy greater benefits" as the basis, lobbying users not to pay the third party (such as Alipay, Tenpay), but directly to the money into the hacker account. This kind of trade is free from the shopping site, consumers can not get the protection of the shopping site.

Rising experts: No matter how much the seller said, we must adhere to the use of third-party payments, inspection after the determination of payment.

6 goods to the door first check, and then the word to sign

Logistics companies in the delivery of goods often appear courier brutal express damage goods, steal dragon turn Phoenix steal merchandise and so on. Therefore, the user must do a good product receipt inspection, express to the following, to check whether there is damage to express packages, take out the goods to carry out a simple test, and so on, and so on to confirm the function intact and then to express signature. If you encounter problems, should promptly contact the shopkeeper to resolve.

Rising experts: This proposal is not only for Taobao, such as the use of Third-party Logistics shop effective, for those who use their own logistics shop also applies.

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