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From the 2003 Spring Festival during the "2003 Worm King" Virus Madness, to the 2004 Spring Festival before and after the "Evil Eagle", "Network Sky" virus, in the last two years of the Spring Festival holiday, the prevention of computer viruses has become people want to spend the holiday course. So, in the upcoming Rooster Spring Festival will have a strong virus outbreak, ordinary users should how to protect their own security?

Rising anti-virus expert Cai Jun said, based on past experience, the user should pay attention to the first time during the Spring Festival: to prevent the use of the system to spread the "shock wave", "Shockwave" type of worm virus, the recent Microsoft issued a number of dangerous levels of "serious" system loopholes and patches, These vulnerabilities could be exploited by the virus during the Spring Festival this year, creating a serious virus.

Second, users should be aware of the use of e-mail or chat software to spread the worms, Trojans and other viruses. With the advent of the Spring Festival, the use of e-mail, QQ, MSN and other chat software to spread the virus has increased trend, according to the company's statistics, now using MSN Messenger transmission virus has more than 200, and just a year ago such a virus is still very few.

In addition, the news from the rising company, in recent years through Trojan virus, fake web sites, fraudulent mail and other network crime activities have increased significantly. January 24, Changchun Police seized a counterfeit railway website, some people use the Spring festival votes tense time to illegal profit; January 25, someone sent a fake ebay online winning mail, trying to defraud the user's bank account number and identity card numbers.

Based on the above, rising safety experts recommend four strokes to protect computer security:

The first trick is to patch up your computer's operating system, it is best to enable the Automatic update function of the operating system, "shock wave", "Shockwave" type of vicious worm virus is generally transmitted through the system, a good patch can prevent such virus infection; the second recruit, must pay attention to upgrade their anti-virus software, The current rising every working day to upgrade the virus has seventy or eighty, one day does not upgrade to their own security risks; The third recruit, the Internet time to open anti-virus software real-time monitoring, lest the virus through the network to invade their own computer; four strokes, play online games to use personal firewall, This can isolate the virus contact with the outside world, prevent hackers to steal personal information through Trojan virus.

In addition to these technical means, experts cautioned that during the Spring Festival this year should also guard against cyber fraud. Do not trust other people through e-mail, Network forum published lottery, lottery and so on, do not easily disclose their mobile phone number, home phone, ID card number and other private information, found that any wrong situation must be timely with the police or professional security company to avoid being cheated.
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