Router speed limit setup graphics and text tutorial

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How to set a router speed limit

Router speed limit setup graphics and text tutorial steps are as follows:

1, first login to the router management interface, the general router's login address are ( router settings) or, you may wish to try, or look at the router surface shell on the label can be. First we open the browser, in the inside Enter the router login address, and then fill in the username and password (the default is generally admin, if not please see the router shell on the description.)

2, as shown above, after entering the router login username and password, we click to determine the following to enter the router settings center, if your router support speed limit function, then we will see on the left of an "IP broadband control", the following figure:

3, as above, click on "IP Broadband Control" to enter the router speed limit set, as shown in the following figure:

4. If you do not set any IP bandwidth control rules with the status "Enabled", the bandwidth you fill out will not work.

Here the router speed limit is mainly focused on a few places, first of all to understand the cable is a few m, 1M is equal to 1000K, and then is to set the IP section of the broadband situation, the following author is the use of their own is 4M Unicom network, want to give their minimum speed is not less than 2M, the highest is not higher than the conditions of 2M, In other words, in their own network, to set their own 2M exclusive, other users are the minimum protection of 1M network, the highest not more than 2M, the specific settings are as follows:

As shown above, we set the router speed limit must pay attention to the above four steps, first of all, to the first step, to check the "Open IP Broadband Control", and then the second step, choose their own home broadband situation, the above demo is the author's home pull 4M network. And then there is the setting of the local IP address limit network situation, The image above shows that the author intends to design their own computer IP address, network distribution is the lowest 2M, the highest is not more than 2M, to give other users, user settings to limit the minimum security 1M, the minimum is not higher than 2M.

Finally, as long as the IP address of their own computer set to, we can according to their own situation, as well as for different users set speed limit conditions, the main is to set the minimum broadband and the highest broadband resource conditions;

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