Router WAN port LEDs are not lit why

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The router WAN port light is not lit, check the router's connection and find the line connection is normal. There is no problem with the router's settings, so how can this be resolved when the router WAN port led is still off after multiple trials?

1. First check whether the physical line is too long, twisted pair of transmission distance is generally 100 meters, if more than this distance, the signal in the transmission will appear in the attenuation of more serious phenomena, resulting in WAN mouth light is not bright.

2. Check the network cable is normal, you can change the root network cable or the network cable inserted in other devices, to see whether normal.

3. View the port mode of the router WAN port, which may not match the port mode. For example, the Netcom line is 10M Full-duplex, and the router WAN port is set 100M Full-duplex, this situation occurs. Try to modify the WAN port rate to 10M Full-duplex.

4. Check that the WAN port is normal, you can connect the WAN port to other devices or connect directly to the computer. If the LEDs are normal and can communicate, the WAN port is normal. If the LEDs are not lit, communication does not indicate a problem with the WAN.

The above is the router WAN port led is not bright reason analysis and its solution, the router is not working properly also need to see the LED working status.

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