Routers often break the network off the line what to do

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Causes the router to drop the line the reason to have many, first looked whether is the hardware aspect reason, for instance is connects the broadband the line Red Square to have the breakage, these line's interface connection whether has the contact bad. If the problem is checked, the operator is required to solve the wiring problem. In addition, there are routers and cats may fail, this solution is very simple, just use the replacement method, with a new router and cat to try on it.

1, if the above methods are checked or will appear router drop line, now we check their own computer IP and router default management address. The default logon address for a generic router. Change the default login address to a reserved IP address that is not available when the computer is not connected to the extranet.

2, the DHCP server too much will cause frequent drop in routers, all check the ADSL cat has the function of DHCP server, it is recommended that it will be manually closed. Then you only need to keep a DHCP server address.

3. The DNS address of the user's settings for creating local and broadband connections is correct. Is this a situation where Austria may even have to surf the internet but not open the Web page? If this is the case, reset the correct DNS address can be resolved. The DNS address is obtained from the ISP vendor. You can call the supplier to obtain the information.

4, the router sets the Mac binding function, restricts the number of access users. Causes the LAN to appear the computer sometimes has the net friend when has no network situation. The workaround is to connect the computer that is bound to the MAC address to the router LAN port and then use MAC address cloning to copy the MAC address of the NIC to the WAN port of the broadband router. If the router does not support this feature, we can also modify the MAC address of the WAN port directly at the time of configuration.

5, the last to clear the log of the router, because the router's log full lead to flash memory can not fit, all of us and clean up the same time the computer garbage to clean up the router's record file log.

Of course, it may be the user's computer system vulnerabilities and other reasons, all recommend users to the computer system reinstall to see if the fault is repaired. We can solve the problem without reason.

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