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Internet command is a very interesting thing. Friends who are familiar with the computer network may know that there is a route tracking so, the author is also the beginning of contact, because recently visited some sites particularly slow, asked the network provider to inform the existence of telecommunications network node congestion situation, asked the author to do a route tracking, but the author is also ignorant of this, Behind or with the network business technology to share here, I hope the computer enthusiasts have reference.

First introduced what is the route tracking, router tracking function , can help the network administrator to understand the network traffic situation, but also is the network management personnel very good auxiliary tool! Through router tracking can easily investigate from our computer location to the target of the regular network nodes, And you can see the time spent passing through each node.

What is the route tracking command?

Tracert IP Address

We enter the tracert IP address in the Run box to track our local IP address to the other computer or the server between the routing node and the time spent, the following to the author to test the author's computer to Bicker website route tracking.

Go to computer desktop start-run-enter CMD command as follows:

Enter cmd Command Window

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Click to confirm or enter the Command mode window, we entered tracert-d after the press key to confirm can be traced to the local computer to the location of the Bicker site router line. The following figure:

Router Tracking Command Application

As shown above, we can see from the location of the author's computer to the target Web server site to go through a lot of network nodes, from the above data to see the speed is still relatively fast, although there is a certain network congestion situation, interested friends can go to study, easy to understand that everyone can see each routing node as a station, The car to the destination needs to go through the provinces of the site similar, if the arrival of a long time, you can know the local congestion, by looking at the location of the corresponding IP address to know which place is blocked.

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