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After the rsync server is configured, the Rsync commands can be issued from the client to implement a variety of synchronized

For Rsync has a very

Multi-functional options, here are some common options:

The command format for rsync can be:

1. rsync [OPTION] ... src [src] ... [user@] Host:dest

2. rsync [OPTION] ... [user@] HOST:SRC DEST

3. rsync [OPTION] ... src [src] ... DEST

4. rsync [OPTION] ... [user@] HOST::SRC [DEST]

5. rsync [OPTION] ... src [src] ... [user@] HOST::D EST

6. rsync [OPTION] ... rsync://[user@]host[:P ort]/src [DEST]

Rsync has six different modes of operation:

1. Copy local files and start this mode of work when both SRC and des path information do not contain a single colon ":" delimiter.

2. Use a remote shell program (such as rsh, SSH) to copy the contents of the local machine to the remote machine. This mode is started when the DST path address contains a single colon ":" Separator.

3. Use a remote shell program (such as rsh, SSH) to copy the contents of the remote machine to the local machine. This mode is started when the SRC address path contains a single colon ":" Separator.

4. Copy files from remote rsync server to local machine. This mode is started when the SRC path information contains the "::" delimiter.

5. Copy files from local machine to remote rsync server. This mode is started when the DST path information contains the "::" separator.

6. List of files for remote machines. This is similar to rsync transmission, but simply omitting the local machine information in the command.



The meaning of each parameter:

-V,--verbose complex output information

-Q,--quiet quiet mode, almost no message generated, commonly used in cron to execute rsync

-A,--archive archive mode, equivalent to-rlptgod parameters. Very quickly save almost all permission settings, except for hard connections (through-h setting).

-R,--recursive copy all the following information (through)

--delete deletion of the delivery break is no longer present, and the destination exists for the file

-U only updates to prevent local new files from being rewritten, pay attention to both machine clocks while

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