RTP Streaming Media

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The RTMP protocol is an Adobe private agreement that is not fully disclosed, the RTSP protocol and the HTTP protocol are mutual agreements, and have specialized agencies for maintenance.
The RTMP protocol generally transmits the FLV,F4V format stream, and the RTSP protocol generally transmits the stream in the Ts,mp4 format. HTTP does not have a specific stream,
RTSP transmission generally requires 2-3 channels, command and Data channel separation, HTTP and rtmp generally on a TCP channel to transmit commands and data.
The RTCP control protocol needs to be used in conjunction with the RTP data protocol, and when an application initiates an RTP session, it consumes two ports, respectively, for RTP and RTCP. RTP by itself does not provide reliable assurance of sequential transmission of packets, nor does it provide traffic control and congestion control, which
By RTCP to be responsible for the completion. Typically, the RTCP uses the same distribution mechanism as RTP to all members of the session
To send control information, the application receives the data, obtains the relevant information of the session participants, and the network condition, packet loss probability and other feedback information, which can control the quality of the service or diagnose the network condition.

RTP Streaming Media

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