Run ASP for XAMPP--let XAMPP support ASP

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Today the classmate installed a xampp. To use FTP and MySQL.

But he used ASP to develop Web pages, and then didn't want to install IIS, and asked me to help him out.

Google on the internet, and found that someone abroad has sent a tutorial, but in English. Sort out the experience of your configuration and re-send it.

First of all, you have to xampp on the official Internet download installation XAMPP, the installation process official website has detailed instructions.

After the installation is complete, make sure your xampp is running successfully.

Then go to sourceforge here to download "Mod_aspdotnet" this plugin.

Download complete double-click Install. Directory is the Apache folder of the XAMPP installation directory.

Example: c:/xampp/apache/

Next Open your XAMPP installation directory (with the example of the XAMPP I installed on the C drive)

Open C:/xampp/apache/conf/extra

Locate the httpd-xampp.conf file and open it with a text document. (Please back up before making changes)

Find <ifmodule alias_module></ifmodule> This pair of tags.

Add the following code to the <ifmodule alias_module></ifmodule>

#asp. Net
LoadModule aspdotnet_module "Modules/"
AddHandler ASP asax ascx ashx asmx aspx axd config cs csproj licx rem resources resx soap vb vbproj vsdisco webinfo
<ifmodule mod_aspdotnet.cpp>
Aspnetmount/sampleasp "C:/xampp/asp_docs"
Alias/sampleasp "C:/xampp/asp_docs"
<directory "C:/xampp/asp_docs" >
Options FollowSymLinks execcgi
Order Allow,deny
Allow from all
DirectoryIndex index.htm index.aspx
aliasmatch/aspnet_client/system_web/(/d+) _ (/d+) _ (/d+) _ (/d+)/(. *) "c:/windows/$1.$2.$3/ Asp. Netclientfiles/$4 "
<directory "C:/windows/*/asp.netclientfiles" >
Options FollowSymLinks
Order Allow,deny
Allow from all
#asp. Net

Save and exit, and then xampp the installation directory (mine is C:/XAMPP) to create a new folder named Asp_docs (which will be placed here for later release of the website).

Under this folder, create a file named Index.aspx, and add the following code

<%@ page language= "VB"%>
<link rel= "stylesheet" href= "Intro.css" >
<form action= "index.aspx" method= "POST" >
Category: <select id= "category" Size=1>
<input type=submit value= "Lookup" >
<% Dim I as Integer
For I = 0 to 7%>
<font size= "<%=I%>" > Sample ASP. test</font> <br>
<% Next%>

After you save the exit, open Http://localhost/SampleASP to test whether your Apache resolves ASP correctly.

If you succeed, you should be able to see a small-to-large arrangement


The page of this sentence.

So far, this tutorial is done. Congratulations. Enjoy your xampp.


Run ASP for XAMPP--let XAMPP support ASP

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