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Installing Jira as a service

For long-term use, the app server hosting Jira shoshould be configured to keep ve server restarts. for Windows servers, this means processing the app server to run as a service. JIRA's standalone distribution can be installed as a Service as follows:

1. Open a DOS prompt,
2. 'cd' to the jira standalone directory, and then the bin \ subdirectory
3. If a directory in the path has spaces (eg. 'C: \ Program Files \ .. '), Please convert it to its eight-character equivalent.

4. Ensure the java_home variable is set to the JDK base Directory, with ECHO % java_home %.
5. Run the following command:

Service. Bat install Jira

6. In addition, to have the service start automatically when the server starts, run:

Tomcat5 // us // Jira -- startup auto

7. To increase maximum memory Jira can use (default will already be 256 MB) run:


Tomcat5 // us // Jira -- jvmmx 512

8. To add JVM parameter, for example pass a parameter to enable Jira's jelly support, run:

Tomcat5 // us // Jira ++ jvmoptions = "-djira. Jelly. On = true"

9. If you are running Jira and confluence in the same JVM, increase the maxpermsize size to 128 MB:

Tomcat5 // us // Jira ++ jvmoptions = "-XX: maxpermsize = 128 M"

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