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This year a bite to start the MacBook Pro, operating system for Sierra, others are also satisfied, helpless at that time to save the cost of hard disk configuration only 128G. In general, 128G is sufficient for Internet, entertainment, and programming, but the Visual Studio development environment is required for work, although vs2017 also offers Mac version, which is not like the Mac vs style. Next there are two options:

    • Installing virtual machines

In the virtual machine configuration win10, and then install VS, but there is a problem, the virtual machine, although the switch is more convenient, for resources such as memory consumption must be ignored, as an entry-level MacBook or to be cautious;

    • Installing a dual system

Install the dual system, Apple has taken into account the strength of Windows, the initiative to provide installation Tools Bootcamp assistant, you can install WIN10 on-premises, choose to run the Mac or WIN10, but the problem is too small to bring your own hard drive, after the end of the win10.

It's natural to think that if you can install WIN10 on a USB flash drive or a removable hard drive, you can get the best of both worlds by choosing to import from the installation disk when you start. In fact, to a simple search on the Internet, users recommend the Windows to go tool, the operating system directly installed in the mobile carrier. After a day of groping, the installation process for WIN10 's windows to go under MacBook Pro is shared as follows:

  1. Download Win10 image file
    Windows to go requires the installation of the original ISO file, that is, the installation file contains the Resources folder, Install.vim and other files version. Note that the ghost file can not be used, I downloaded an ISO installer, in a look, inside the actual installation file is. gho file, cannot be recognized by Windows to go. Win10 download can choose the official version: HTTPS://WWW.MICROSOFT.COM/ZH-CN/SOFTWARE-DOWNLOAD/WINDOWS10, after the download is completed using the UltraISO tool extract extracted to the local folder.

  2. Install the Windows to go tool
    WIN10 Professional or Enterprise Edition comes with the Windows to go tool, can be used directly, but this tool on the installation of image files and mobile carrier is more stringent, such as my Seagate hard drive is not certified, the official website of the image file is missing Install.vim also do not run. The alternative is to take the next WTO tool online, such as: After the installation is complete, open the interface as follows:

    Select ISO extract files in the sources file add install file, select removable devices such as mobile hard disk, for nearly two years MacBook need to choose Uefi+gpt mode, and then click Write.

  3. Installing WIN10
    Put the MacBook in shutdown mode, insert the mobile hard drive to the installation file into the MacBook's USB port, then power on, and click on the OPT key on the Mac keyboard, the boot option appears, select the mobile carrier to start, then the system will install itself

  4. Install driver
    Finally see the familiar Windows interface on Apple laptop, do not rejoice how long will find the wireless network, video card is not available, the reference driver is not installed. Once contacted with Apple customer service, it is strange that the technical support staff only know English, but the service is very good, meaning let me use the MacBook comes with bootcamp assistant installation windows,2013 years ago version support to use the assistant direct download drive to the local, The later version cancels this option, and the assistant installs the driver automatically after installing Windows, which is not visible to the user. What to do? Ask Niang, find a bootcamp driver installation program, here is an address: Unzip the downloaded drive set to a USB flash drive, then insert the USB stick into the MacBook running WIN10 and click Setup to install the driver.

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