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S5pv210 lab board release first verison

The first version of high-end performance lab board with Samsung s5pv210 processor is released based on cortex A8. After the efforts of the team, we have now supported 3G, WiFi, BT and other peripheral devices. As the FM driver is not provided, I am developing the driver. Please wait!

Hardware features:




Main specification


Model: s5pv210

1. Arm CortexTM-A8, operating frequency up to 800 MHz or 1 GHz

2, support MPEG-4/MPEG2, H.264/h263, VC-DivX video codec 1080p @ 30fps

3. Supports 2D image acceleration with a maximum resolution of 8000x8000

4. Support for 3D graphics acceleration (Power VR sgx540)

5. Supports SD/MMC/sdio interface memory cards, up to 32 GB

6. Supports JPEG hardware codec and a maximum resolution of 8192x8192.



512 MB DDR2 Ram + 256 mb nand Flash


LCD Module

Model: at070tn92

1. LCD size: 7.0 inch

2. Resolution: 800x3 (RGB) x 480

3. Supported interfaces: digital transmission Interfaces

4. backlight: 4 LEDs

5. Point distance: 0.0642 (w) x 0.1790 (h) mm

6. module size: 164.9 (w) x 100 (H) x 5.7 (d) mm

Model: at102tn03

1. LCD size: 10.2 inch

2. Resolution: 800x3 (RGB) x 480

3. Supported interfaces: digital transmission Interfaces

4. backlight: 4 LEDs

5. Point distance: 0.0925 (w) x 0.276 (h) mm

6. module size: 235.0 (w) x 145.8 (H) x 6.1 (d) mm


Audio Decoding

Model: wm9713

1. ac'97 rev 2.2 compatible with stereo codecs

2. On-Chip 45 MW earphone drive

3. On-Chip MW single-channel and stereo drive

4. Support for stereo and single-channel Input

5. Support for PCM/I2S Interfaces

6. Support for resistive touch screen interfaces (4-wire and 5-wire)

7. Supports 2.048 ~ input clock ~ 78.6 MHz

8. Operating voltage: 1.8 ~ 3.6 V

Model: lm4871

1. No output coupling capacitor, self-lifting capacitor and Buffer Circuit

2. Low Power Consumption

3. Stable unit gain

4. configurable external gain

5. compatible with lm4861 pins



Model: WM-G-MR-09

1. complies with the physical layer specifications of IEEE802.11b/G wireless LAN

2. Use the Marvell 88w8686 chip set

3. Supports sdio (1bit and 4bit), sdio_spi, G-SPI Interface

4. Support for three-wire Bluetooth coexistence Solution

5. Data Rate: 802.11 GB (54, 48, 36, 24, 18, 9, 6 Mbps) and 802.11b (11, 5.5, 2, 1 Mbps)

6. operating frequency: 2.4 gb ism band



Model: dm9000aep

1. Supports transmission rates of 10 M and M

2. processor interface: supports the operations of byte, word, and dual-word Io commands on internal memory data.

3. Support for half-duplex and full-duplex

4. Integrate 4 K DWORD SRAM

5. Support for 3.3v and 5.0v Voltages


3G network

Model: mf210

1. Interface Type: PCI Express mini card

2. Supported protocols: hsupa/HSDPA/UMTS/EDGE/GPRS/GSM

3. operating frequency: hsupa/HSDPA/UMTS 2100/1900/850 (900) MHz

EDGE/GPRS/GSM 1900/1800/900/850 MHz

4. transmission rate: HSDPA 7.2 Mbps DL hsupa 2.0 Mbps ul



Model: ov9650 (1.3 W)

1. Low Operating voltage and high sensitivity

2. Supports standard sccb Interfaces

3. Supports sxga, VGA, qvga, qqvga, CIF, qcif, and qqcif.

4. Automatic Image Control: AEC, AGC, AWB, abf, and ablc

Model: ov3640 (3.0 W)

1. Low Power Consumption

2. Supports standard sccb Interfaces

3. Automatic Image control functions: AEC, AWB, abf, and ablc

4. DVP (digital video port) parallel output interface

5. mipi serial output interface

6. Embedded Microcontroller

7. supported output formats: Raw RGB, rgb565/555/444, and yuv422/420



Model: rda5820

1. Support for MB ~ Send and receive requests in the 115m frequency segment

2. 4 K storage is integrated internally

3. Supports I2S audio data interfaces

4. 2.7 ~ 5.5v Voltage



Model: sim900

1. Supported frequencies: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz

2. compatible with GSM

3. embed the TCP/IP protocol stack

4. Supported voltage: 3.4 ~ 4.5 V



Model: GTS-4E

1. receiving sensitivity:-160db

2. Hot Start: <1 s, cold start: <35 S

3. Supported interfaces: SPI and UART

4. Operating voltage: 2.7 ~ 5.5 V



USB Bluetooth adapter




2 USB Host 2.0

1 usb otg 2.0



1-way CAN Bus


Serial Port

1-way RS485

3-way serial port, including one-way debugging



1 path



20pin JTAG



5 user buttons, 4 LED lights (red, green, blue, yellow), and 1 8-character digital tube

Infrared receiver: hs0038



Model: l00004200d

1, 3 Optional full size (250/500/2000dps)

2. Supports I2C and SPI digital output Interfaces

3. 16-bit rate value data output

4. 8-bit temperature data output


Digital compass

Model: yas529

1. Integrated buffer amplifier, AD converter, clock generator and Serial Data Interface Circuit

2. Integrated Magnetic Sensor and low noise amplifier

3. support I2C bus (100 kbps/400 Kbps)

4, 3 ad input pins connected to the dip Sensor


Gravity Acceleration Sensor

Model: lsm303dlh

1. Three-Axis accelerator

2. Support for temperature output

3. Supported interfaces: SPI (3-wire, 4-wire) and I2C

4. Programmable functions: G-range plus and minus 2g/plus 4g/plus 8g, bandwidth 25 ~ 1500Hz


Power Supply

5 V DC

5 V/2a or 3A


Mechanical Parameters

Size (mm)

380 × 280 (mm)

Length x Width

Work Environment

0-50 degrees Celsius


Software features:


· U-boot-1.3.4

· Support for cramfs/yaffs image burning and writing

· M Ethernet download supported

· Supports USB download

· Supports NAND Flash startup

· Supports SD startup

· Supports downloading and writing the fastboot protocol to the Android system


Linux Kernel:

· Kernel version: Linux-2.6.32/Linux-2.6.35

· LCD Driver

· LCD Backlight Drive

· VGA display driver

· Resistive touch screen drive

· HDMI driver

· Hsmmc/SD/MMC/sdio driver

· IIC driver

· SPI driver

· Keybd driver

· Audio driver, supporting ac97 and IIS

· DMA driver

· RTC real-time clock driver

· USB Host/Device Driver

· JPEG hardware codec driver

· MFC multimedia hardware codec driver, support MPEG-4/MPEG2, H.264/h263, VC-1, DivX and other formats

· CMOS/CCD camera driver

· Rotator screen rotation drive

· 2D hardware accelerator driver

· 3D hardware accelerator driver

· Ethernet driver

· SD card driver, up to 32 GB

· 3g driver

· Sdio WiFi driver

· BT driver

· Capacitive touch screen drive

· Power management driver

· Usb adb driver, which can be used to debug the ADB and use the boot Board as a USB flash drive


· Support for BT

· Supports Ethernet Access

· Support for WiFi access

· Supports 3G Internet access

· Support for GPRS internet access

· Support for GSM voice calls and Short Messages

· Support for HDMI output

· VGA output

· Support for photo taking and video recording in CMOS/CCD Camera

· Supports hardware video codec, h263/h264/MPEG4/vc1

· Supports hardware JPEG encoding and decoding.

· Supports hardware 2D/3D Acceleration

· Supports GPS and electronic maps

· Supports LCD backlight Adjustment

· Supports System sleep and Wakeup

· Support for USB ADB

· Provides application control led routines

· Supports SD card Extension

· Supports audio playback and recording

· Support for app market


The Board only uses two layers of board, so it looks a little big. It was originally encapsulated into a lab box.

Unfinished ......

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