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When you use Word to edit a document, the most feared is the loss of unsaved text due to some kind of unexpected result. In order to write a test article, before and after a week of repeated testing, contrast, screenshots, input text, in the end of the final write closing soon, in my habitual press "Ctrl + S" key to save, suddenly jumped out of a window, prompted "Due to file permission error, Word cannot complete the save operation "It's a big deal for me.

I. Symptoms and Causes

A lot of friends see it is Kaspersky and office conflict caused, indeed, my computer is installed Kaspersky 2009 and Office 2003, many times before this situation, but the loss is small, and then refer to the online method, the Kaspersky "File and Memory" in the "additional" settings Scan mode option changed from quick mode to "access Time", and my disks are formatted in NTFS, which has not happened for a long time, and then jumped out at the most important time. I had to bite my bullet. "OK" and a window pops up (Figure 1), click "OK" after the system pops up a dialog box said "whether to retry the save", all the way click "Yes", the last pop-up to a save page, but the filename has been changed to ~wrl2409, the extension has been changed to. tmp, and then click Save, And then open the file found that an illustrated with more than 4,000 words of the article all become garbled.

Ii. two ways to retrieve documents

After my unremitting efforts, finally successfully rescued this article, but also a lot of pictures.

In this case, most people will think that is not saved, in fact, word then generated two related documents temporary files, is the "hidden" attribute. Set "Show All Files and folders" in Windows to remove the hook before "Hide extensions for known file types" so that two files appear in the folder (Figure 2), one for Doc and one for TMP temporary files. Open that doc file, is all garbled, important is the back of the ~wrl2409.tmp file. There are two ways to retrieve a missing word file from the TMP temporary file.

1. Restart the computer, and then change the extension TMP to Doc. Double-click to open, if successfully opened, then congratulations, the file should be intact (of course, the last saved to save error between the content is not there).

2. If the extension does not open, the "open file with a text recovery converter" prompt appears, because the text recovery converter is not installed when you install Office, and you can insert the Office installation disc as prompted. After the installation is successful, first open the word software, point "file" → "open", browse to find you have changed the extension of the ~wrl2409.doc file, click to select (Do not double-click to open), click the Open window in the lower right corner of the "open" button in the back of the black triangle, point "open and repair", after which you can open ~ Wrl2409.doc the file, and then save it again.

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