sama5d3-xplained configuration operation at start

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[OS] Linux/windows

1, get the Development Board, confirm the Development Board manufacturers for Atmel original
2, to the official website download this board's study material, the address is
3, in order to let the board run up need to solve the following several problems
First: From the J23 out of the debug serial port only connected to three lines, the need for separate power supply, and this external serial port function is to debug.
Second: The latest Sam-ba 2.12 downloaded from Atmel must be installed after the Sam-ba_2.12_patch7.exe patch to support our Development Board
Third: At91bootstrap download is required Sam-ba to complete, and the Development Board attached to the PC is the need to first board USB CDC
After the driver is successfully installed on the development host, SAM-BA can identify the development Board.

This driver is installed under XP in this way:
1) Install Sam-ba 2.12
2) Install Sam-ba 2.12_patch7
3) Unplug the NAND CS on the Development Board, which is the JP5 jumper, to do so because the board does not enter the system after power on, so that it will show on the development of the host machine, the new device prompts.
4) You must press the reset key of the development Board to display the correct unrecognized device
5) The correct installation can be achieved in accordance with section 4.1 of the User guide.pdf of Sam-ba 2.12. (The Driver
C:\Programm Files\atmesl\sam-ba_2.12\drv\atm6124_cdc.inf)

This driver is installed under Linux.
1) to 4) are the same, the 5th step is not required to install, Linux will automatically identify the ttyACM0 is our serial name
Note that in the 2nd step, you should pay attention to:
SAM-BA directory name changed to sam-ba_2.12 patch file to ensure file name is Sam-ba_2.12_patch7.diff

Then execute PATCH-P0 < Sam-ba_2.12_patch7.diff

And then it's OK.

sama5d3-xplained configuration operation at start

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