Samsung d908 uploads and installs Java software/games with a USB cable (attached to anyview/Moto-TXT download)

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Download the following four software. For installation instructions, refer to the following tutorial.

(1)D908 driver Samsung PC Studio 3(61.0 MB). The link is invalid. Find it online!

(2) softtick PPP

(3) Samsung XXXX Java Uploader Chinese edition

(4) jadwizard 1.0 (drag the jar to it without a JAD file)

If the downloaded Java game only contains a single. jar file, download the Jad generator and drag the. jar file directly into the Jad wizard.
In the 1.0 window, the. JAD file is generated, and the. jar and. Jad files can be put together.

1. Install the d908 driver Samsung PC Studio 3
Make sure that your phone can be connected to your computer through a USB cable (you can transmit the data line of an image ringtone, for example, x199. Connect to the mobile phone at this time. You can see the following in the computer> Control Panel> telephone and modem:

Indicates that the USB cable is connected to the com3 port of the computer. The ports may vary depending on the computer. Remember this port number setting is useful.

2. Download softick
PPP software and install it. This software is specially designed for palm. Therefore, USB sync. dll is missing during installation.
You don't need to worry about it, just press OK.

There are two options for installation. Select the second option "use USB
Port in exclusive mode"

At this time, the bottom right corner of the computer will show

PPP has not been registered and activated, and then enter the registration code (there is a registration code in the software) to register this software.

Click OK.

Right-click softick
PPP software Icon, select activate PPP to activate softick
If you do not have the USB port. dll file, click "cancel" and the software is activated. Check whether the Red Cross on the icon is missing.

Softick is installed correctly.
PPP software. The following describes the transmission process in detail:

1. Set softick
PPP: double-click the softick PPP software icon in the lower right of the computer and set it in the USB option as follows:

Configure the following settings in the Bluetooth/serial options:

Choose com3 here, that is, the port we just saw under the computer => Control Panel => telephone and modem (different ports may vary depending on the computer, and what port we see ), if only COM1 and com2 are available, but no com3 or other ports are available, the mobile phone port is not found in the software.
Solution: exit the software, dial the USB cable connected to the mobile phone, plug in the USB cable, and run the software to check whether it is available. or right-click softick.
Select the first shutdown PPP (suspend) icon for the PPP software. At this time, the icon contains a Red Cross, right-click and select the first activate item.
PPP (meaning of activation) to see if there are any com3 or other ports. The two methods are roughly the same. Try again several times. If not, go to the following page.
Right-click the softick PPP icon in the system tray and select activate
PPP. If you have correctly installed the D6 or D9 USB driver, then you can see that softick PPP should be "X" gone, and "1 device (s) connectied
PPP is enabled"
(Remember to connect d908 to your computer before enabling softick.
Connect to the USB data cable normally and use softick
When the PPP software is set, first set the Access Point name to Internet, user name, and secret in the mobile app> Java World => Settings, the proxy server is set to "invalid" (it must be set like this, or the clown screen phone will crash and restart ). On your phone, enter # * 536963 # enable Java download (once entered), and then enter # * 5737425 # enter the Java download menu and select the first item in the menu.
"PPP up
"(Only one choice, otherwise it will be white screen), and then select the second option" USB "(USB can only be selected once, and then the second option will inevitably restart the phone, so please note that you can choose only once), and then enable the Samsung Java transmission brush-free software "Samsung
Uploder "(there is a software link below), click" add "of the Samsung Java transmission brush-free software to load a Java file with the extension *. jad, click to open, the game will appear in the Java transmission brush-Free Software load list.

Select "Download serial port" on the mobile phone to view the progress bar. Java is downloaded normally. If you want to continue downloading, add a Java file to the Java-Free Software for transmission, and then enter # * 5737425 # To directly select the second item "Serial Port download" (note: select the second item "Serial Port download". Do not select "PPP up" again.
"And" USB ", if selected, the phone will restart) download other Java.
5. After uploading the Java program you want to upload, enter # * 536961 # on your mobile phone to disable serial.
Java download. If you do not enter this command, it will be normal for the first time when you browse WAP in the future. When you browse WAP again, it will crash and PIM & file
The Manager software cannot find the port of small D and cannot be used normally. Remember !!

1. Be sure to leave the Access Point name set in the mobile app> Java World => to the Internet, leave the user name and password blank, and set the proxy server to "invalid"
2. softick
PPP software must be set to make softick
You must find your port in the Bluetooth/serial option of the PPP software.
3. If the first transmission is successful, if you input # * 5737425 # When uploading the data to Java, directly select the second item "Serial Port download". Do not select "PPP up" again.
"And" USB ", if selected, the phone will restart.
4. After passing the desired Java program, you must enter # * 536961 #. Otherwise, the system will crash and PIM &
File Manager or Samsung PC Studio 3 software cannot be used normally

5If an installation error occurs, see:
Follow these steps:
1. Press the phone key to shut down.
2. Disable softick in the tray in the lower right corner of the computer.
PPP software, turn off the Samsung Java transmission brush-free software "Samsung XXXX Java
Uploder ".
3. Unplug the data cable, restart your phone, and press # * 536961 #.
4. Turn off the phone and restart it.
5. Follow the tutorial to download it again. (strictly follow the tutorial steps, including this item [3. Enter # * 5737425 # on your mobile phone to go To the Java download menu. Select the first item in the menu.
"PPP up
"(Only one choice, otherwise it will be white screen), and then select the second option" USB "(USB can only be selected once, and then the second option will inevitably restart the phone, so please be sure to select only once ).



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