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Now, more and more laptops with Google Chrome OS systems are constantly on the market for Windows laptops, and Samsung has recently launched its second generation of Chromebook notebooks, as well as the chrome system. The Korean electronics giant's Chromebook 2 notebooks are divided into 11-inch and 13-inch two versions, and the biggest bright spot is the imitation leather material used previously on the Galaxy Note 3 smartphone.

Two new Chromebook 2 notebook models are XE503-C12), 11-inch version of the price of 250 pounds (about 2580 yuan), while the 13-inch version price of 350 pounds (about RMB 3600 yuan).

  Imitation leather Material

Two Chromebook 2 notebooks have been used in imitation leather on the surface of the fuselage, and the external evaluation of the design is mixed, as was the Galaxy Note 3, which was launched at the IFA Berlin International Consumer Electronics Fair last September.

On the configuration, we also need to briefly introduce some. Samsung's Chromebook 2 carries Samsung's own eight-core Exynos 5410 processor, built with four cortex-a15 cores and four cortex-a7 cores, and supports dynamically expanding CPU support little. The 11-inch version of the CPU frequency is 1.9GHz, while the 13-inch version of the frequency is 2.1GHz.

In addition to the screen size and keyboard layout, the other major difference between the 11-inch and 13-inch versions is the screen resolution. The 11-inch resolution is an 1366x768 pixel, while the 13-inch 1080p Full HD resolution is used. Although not compared with Google's own home pixel Chromebook, but compared with other Chromebook notebooks, is already a relatively high standard.

Although we are not currently able to compare the 11-inch and 13-inch two versions together, the 13-inch version of Chromebook 2 may be more nuanced in terms of parameters, because it has a screen pixel density of 142ppi, which is higher than 11 inches of 170ppi.

  Other parameters

Chromebook 2 is one of the first notebook products to be certified by Google's official hangouts, and two products are equipped with microphones and high-definition cameras that support 720p resolution, enabling real-time video chat.

Other specifications include 4GB operating memory and 16GB fuselage storage space, webcam, HDMI interface, two USB ports, an SD card slot and PowerVR graphics processor.

Battery performance is about eight hours, while the 11-inch version is slightly shorter than the 13-inch time. However, through the actual test, the performance of Chromebook 2 is only about 6 hours of time.

Compared to Samsung's previous generation of Chromebook notebooks, all the interfaces on the fuselage were moved to the bottom of the fuselage, and a larger trackpad design was used. For Chromebook 2, the keyboard may be the only place that disappoints us. Chromebook 2 keyboard layout is somewhat too loose and simple, the lack of some of the main shortcut function keys, the use of the feel is also more general.

  The plastic part works generally

In addition to the surface of imitation leather material, the entire Chromebook 2 of the fuselage are used plastic material, it does match a positioning of the low-end notebook products, from the workmanship, than the traditional Windows system notebook slightly worse. In addition to our surprise, the 11-inch version of the fuselage is 16.8 millimeters thick, but slightly thicker than the 13-inch version of 16.5 mm. In addition, the weight of 11 inches and 13 inch two versions is 1.2 kg and 1.4 kg respectively.

On the system side, Samsung has also bundled apps into Chrome OS systems, which, like Windows system notebook vendors, do not look bloated, but they are not useful for users who are pursuing a simple system. However, for enterprise users and some consumers, a built-in name Wunderlist Pro efficiency software is still meaningful, and can be synchronized with the Android version of the data.


In fact, Samsung's two Chromebook 2 notebook overall performance, even some mediocre. But the artificial leather material's addition is purely for the esthetic angle, does not have the function and the portability to play any role. In addition to upgrading the processor and running memory, there is no significant improvement in the second-generation Chromebook. The new 13-inch version is just a bigger screen and a higher resolution. The good news, however, is that with the new Chromebook 2-series notebook, Samsung's original 3-series Chromebook notebooks should be adjusted for price. Interested users may wish to pay attention.

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