Samsung G7200 How do I set up a portable WLAN hotspot? G7200 set up portable WLAN hotspot methods

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1. The power consumption of your mobile phone will be very large after you turn on hotspot features.

2. Use this feature to access the Internet, you will be deducted from the mobile phone traffic costs.

3. Other connected devices need to support WLANs in order to achieve this function.

Set up a portable WLAN hotspot Dean

1. Under the standby page, slide the screen top down with your finger.

2. Click "Move Data", the Green Representative is open.

3. According to the calling card you use, select the access point for "net", here to select "3gnet" as an example. (Access point Setup path: Under the Standby page, click "Application"-"Settings"-"more Networks"-"mobile network"-"Access Point Name" and then select the access point shown as "net". )

when all of the above actions are set, turn on the hotspot function by doing the following:

4. Under the Standby page, click "Application" "Set" "network share and move hotspot" "Move hotspot" "Move hotspot" to right slider. OK to open the mobile hotspot.

After the completion of the above, use other wireless devices (such as laptops) to search for the phone's default username click into, and then enter the password, you can achieve a portable WLAN hotspot connection.

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