Samsung mobile phone brush machine Samsung mobile phone brush machine How to brush?

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First: The preparation work before brushing machine:

1. At this address go to free download i699 Brush Machine Package

2. At this address to download the Brush machine tool PAN.BAIDU.COM/S/1I3WVWZR This is Odin Brush machine tool

3. Install mobile phone to drive Samsung mobile phone can install Kies software, this Baidu search bar in this did not upload to the network disk.

Second: Start brush machine:

1: Samsung mobile phone into the brush mode can be in the shutdown state at the same time press the "volume key + HOME key + power button" can be entered.

5: The other is OK, you can click the Odin tool in the start of the brush into the

6: In the brush machine process we wait, waiting for the Odin tool "pass" means that the brush into success.

7: In the end, just reboot the phone and everything is KO.

Okay, here we also talk about Samsung mobile phones are Android system is only the system version is not the same, the brush machine is different from the ROM package, as long as the installation of Kies so drivers do not need to install OH.

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