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<! --
// SAVE of the multi-question voting statistics system
// Prepared by: CHEERY_KE version: 1.0
// Supported: ASP + ACCESS WINDOWS2000 PRO + IIS5.0 passed the test
// Disadvantage: data is exchanged between each question and the database. This action is relatively large and does not apply to multi-question voting (> 20 ?)
// Advantage: using a data table makes operations and statistics easier.
// ------ Data table structure ------
// In this example, the database name is 111.mdband the table name is 111
// The question number is the field value, and an ID is added. The total number of questions + 1 field
// The result indicates the ID of each record, that is, A, B, C, D, E ...... Records
<% On error resume next %>
'Define database connection
Set conn = SERVER. CreateObject ("ADODB. CONNECTION ")
DBPath = SERVER. MapPath ("111.MDB ")
CONN. Open "DRIVER = {Microsoft Access Driver (*. mdb)}; dbq =" & DBPath
'Define the array MYARRAY (X), where X is the number of questions + 1
Dim myarray (6)
MYARRAY (0) = ""
'Define the cyclic variable I
I = 1
'Declare I> exit the loop when the number of questions is reached
Do while not I> 5
'Define RS
Set rs = SERVER. CreateObject ("ADODB. RECORDSET ")
'Define the SQL variable, "S" & I & "is the question sequence number, and ID is the result
SQL = "UPDATE 111 set s" & I & "= S" & I & "+ 1 where id = '" & MYARRAY (I )&"'"
RS. Open SQL, CONN, 3, 2
'Release RS and SQL variables
Set rs = NOTHING
I = I + 1
Response. Write ("<CENTER> <BR> saved your vote succed !! </CENTER> ")
Response. Write ERR. DESCRIPTION
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