Schlumberger Eclipse+techlog+pipesim +petrel 2015

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Schlumberger Eclipse+techlog+pipesim +petrel 2015
Schlumberger ECLIPSE 2015.1 Reservoir simulation software Chinese Latest version
Schlumberger ECLIPSE Simulation V2015.1-iso 1DVD Reservoir simulation software
Eclipse covers a full range of reservoir modeling tasks, including finite difference models. Thermodynamic model of condensate components of black oil, dry gas, heavy oil and current line
The mode. By selecting from the widest range of different options (for example, CBM modeling, controlling the calorific value of the fuel mode of production ground network fees),
You add the need to fully meet the needs of expanding problem solving to simulate everything and deepen the research of the development of problem areas. Eclipse Simulator for more than 25 years
Commercial products for analog development through unmatched breadth, stability, speed, scalability, parallel computing, and compatibility with a variety of software platforms
The benchmark.

The Eclipse Simulator provides the most complete and reliable setup in industry solutions for all types of collectors, fluid, structural and geological complexities and open
Numerical simulation of the dynamic behavior of the system degree.

Logging interpretation software for Schlumberger Techlog 2013.3 Win64 Oilfield
Schlumberger ECLIPSE Simulation V2015.1-iso 1DVD Reservoir simulation software
Steady-state simulation calculation of Schlumberger.pipesim.2014.1.full.win64-iso 1DVD multiphase flow
schlumberger.oilfield.manager.v2014.1 Oilfield daily monitoring and management software package
schlumberger.span.rock.v9.1.5 1CD span Rock emphasizes rock perforation analysis software
Schlumberger (ex SPT Group) OLGA 2014.1.0.122363.rar (multi-domain full dynamic multiphase Flow simulation program)
Design and evaluation of 1CD fracturing of Schlumberger Fraccade v7.0
Design and evaluation of schlumberger.fraccade.v5.41 fracturing
pinnacle.fracpropt.2011 fracturing Software
pinnacle.fracpropt.2007.v10.4.52 Advanced fracturing software tools
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Schlumberger Products:

Petrel.2015.win64-iso 1DVD

Petrel v2011.1.0 Win64 1DVD

Petrel.v2010.2.2.win32-iso 1DVD (Integrated reservoir description software for exploration and development)

Petrel 2010.2.2 full Manual 1CD

Blueback Bridge v5.0.4 for petrel v2010.2.2 Win64 1CD

Pipesim 2011.1.1 multilanguage-iso 1DVD (including Chinese and English versions, can simulate steady-state, multiphase flow of oil and gas systems. A separate
The Pipesim module is available in a wide range of

Analysis, including: Well models, node analysis, AI enhancement optimization, piping and
Process equipment model and site design)

Schlumberger (ex Waterloo hydrogeologic) Visual help v2.2.0.2 1CD

Schlumberger Aquachem 2011.1.0.40 v7.0 1CD (advanced groundwater data management software)

Schlumberger aquifertest 2011.1 v4.4.full 1CD (pumping experiment software)

Schlumberger Cemcade v4.4 1CD (cementing software)

Schlumberger Drilling Office v2008.1 1CD (integrated drilling engineering design software)

Schlumberger.eclipse 2012.1 Win32_64-iso 1DVD (reservoir simulation software)

Schlumberger.eclipse 2010.1 Win32_64-iso 1CD (reservoir simulation software)

Schlumberger.eclipse v2007 Chinese User manual

Schlumberger Eclipse V2001a-iso 1CD

Schlumberger Fraccade v7.0 1CD (fracturing software)

Schlumberger geoframe Linux-iso 1DVD (Reservoir fine description System)

Schlumberger geoframe v4.5 Linux-iso 7CD

Schlumberger geoframe Video Library 1CD

Schlumberger Hydro geoanalyst 2011.1 v7.0.10 1CD (two-and three-dimensional groundwater data visualization software)

Schlumberger Hydro geobuilder 2009.1 v1.1.94.0 1CD

Schlumberger.Interactive.Petrophysics (IP). V4.2-iso 1CD (Interactive logging analysis tool)

Schlumberger.interactive.petrophysics.v4.0.2012.53.update.only 1CD

Schlumberger oil field Manager (OFM) 2012.1-iso 1CD (oilfield daily monitoring and management software package)

Schlumberger Omega 2700 Linux 2DVD

schlumberger.span.rock.v9.1.5 1CD

Schlumberger perforating analysis (span) v8.0 1CD (span software, simulated perforation performance)

Schlumberger Tdas v6.1.6 1CD (advanced casing and tubing strength analysis and verification software)

Schlumberger Techlog 2013.3 Win64 1CD

Schlumberger Techlog 2011.2.2 win32_64-iso 2CD (log interpretation)

Schlumberger visage 2009.1 Windows 1C (geomechanics simulation software, which is used in reservoir engineering, production development, heavy oil simulation, two
Carbon dioxide simulation, underground gas storage design and water simulation)

Schlumberger MODFLOW Flex 2012.12 Win32 1CD

Schlumberger MODFLOW Flex 2012.1 v1.0.52.0 win32_64 1CD

schlumberger.petromod.v2012.1 1CD

Schlumberger petromod v2012.2 Win64 1CD

Schlumberger.petromod.2011.1.manual 1CD

senergy.interactive.petrophysics.v4.2.2013.275 1CD

Merak Peep 2007.1-iso 1DVD (software for economic evaluation and yield reduction analysis to determine the economic viability of oil and gas extraction schemes)

Oilfield Data Manager v3.6.09 1CD

OpenSpirit v3.22 Win32 1CD

OpenSpirit v3.2.2 Linux 1CD

Roxar EnABLE v2.3 Linux 1CD

Roxar.irap.rms.v2011.win32-iso 1CD (Reservoir description Package for Lanxess, oilfield development and reservoir management solutions)

Roxar.irap.rms.v2013.rev.173741.win64-iso 1CD

Welltest v6.2 1CD (gas reservoir well test software)

eware.etank2000.v1.9.0.15 1CD (ground tank design software)

Esss Kraken v2.16 SP4 Win32 1CD (Reservoir numerical simulation post-processing)

Schlumberger Eclipse+techlog+pipesim +petrel 2015

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