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4.Too much external interference


Many companies face a problem. While developing new products, they also need to cope with maintenance tasks for old products. In addition, events from the market, customer service, human resources, and other departments are constantly interrupted and focused on R & DScrumTeam. For example, the marketing department requires technical staff to participate in the exhibition to provide technical backup. The customer service department should ask the technical staff to go to the site to solve the serious problems encountered by the customer, human Resources Department work summary, goal formulation, performance evaluation, and so on.These problemsScrumIrrelevant,ScrumThe Framework needs some countermeasures to solve these problems.

In smokeScrumAndXPChapter 10 describes some methods (I simplified it ):

1)DecreaseSprintInvestment level.

2)Clearly records interference factors (to reduce interference in a targeted manner ).

3)Transfer Interference FactorsScrum masterOr the product owner.

4)Designate a "goalkeeper", and everyone's interference will be handled by him, which can take turns.

We have some other experience. For example, for the Maintenance Tasks of the old productsContinuation Engineering(CE) Group,ManagerThe development and testing engineers in the group are all drawn from each product group and all are "part-time". That is, when old products need to be improved and their priority is relatively high, they will put down the tasks in the development of existing products and give priority to solving problems of old products. So these people are all multitasking, althoughScrumThe "one person and one project" rule is somewhat contradictory, but after balancing the advantages and disadvantages, we stick to the following practices:

1)ControlCEThe total number of teams is in a small range.

2)Select a person with less workload for New Product DevelopmentCETeam.

3)Each team can have at most one R & D engineer and one test engineer.CETeam.

In this way,ScrumMost people in the team will focus on the current task and minimize the latency caused by interference.


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