SDN goes the way of open source

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Yu Chine, vice president of Hkust China, is known as the industry's first commercially supported Open source SDN (software defined Networking) solution – The Brocade Vyatta controller will be available for sale in the near future. The Brocade Vyatta controller is a key node for users to smoothly transition from a traditional network to a software network, while effectively facilitating the implementation of SDN and NFV (Network function Virtualization), as it is an open source product, and it is also effective to avoid network scenarios being locked by vendors.

In the process of migrating from a traditional data center architecture to a cloud computing architecture, whether in terms of virtualization or open source, computing and storage are one step ahead, and now one of the key points or difficulties with the architecture transformation is the network. Although SDN is much earlier than the concept of other software-defined products from a software-defined point of view, the reality of SDN is not as fast as it could be. Some of the users interviewed were generally concerned that the network is the bottom and core architecture of the data center, and that the accumulation is becoming more and more complex, and that if any small error occurs when moving to SDN or NFV, it can be a devastating blow to the entire network or even the data center. As a result, many users are interested in many of the innovative technologies of the software network, but are still at the stage of watching or learning.

In the area of IP networking, brocade can be said to be a later person. But that's why brocade is likely to embrace software-defined and open-source as a pioneer in SDN and NFV trends, without any historical baggage, as the software network changes tide comes.

Yu Chine expressed brocade's view of SDN: First, SDN is the key to modernizing the network, it can give users more flexibility and choice, and can promote self-service innovation; second, open source can effectively promote the landing and development of SDN, under the role of open concept, The control of the network can be transferred from the supplier to the user's hands, so that the construction of a "user-centric network" is no longer an empty talk; Thirdly, Brocade is a pioneer and expert in the provision of Open source SDN solutions, with 100% dedicated to open source solutions and rich experience in the commercialization of open source products.

Brocade is an important member of the open source organization Opendaylight, and this release of the Brocade Vyatta Controller was born out of the Opendaylight project. Open source features are also one of the advantages of Brocade SDN and NFV solutions that differentiate your competitors. Brocade Vyatta Controllers provide an open platform for managing end-to-end services on the underlying physical and virtual network infrastructures such as switches, routers, firewalls, VPNs, and load balancers, while providing a simple, low-risk path to SDN. After extensive testing, the Brocade open source software network platform allows users to confidently migrate workloads running on current physical or virtual devices to an SDN environment.

Yu Chine to reporters that the migration to SDN is a gradual process. The Brocade Vyatta controller is a bridge between the existing network architecture and the next-generation network architecture, which can be easily deployed as a virtual machine to any major hypervisor and can be used with brocade mlxe, VDX, ICX, VADX, Vrouter and other products are interoperable with mainstream third-party network infrastructure devices. With Brocade's SDN and NFV Solutions, network architects and administrators can easily and efficiently operate their multi-vendor networks based on their needs.

A number of applications, including path Explorer and volumetric traffic Management, were released with the Brocade Vyatta controller. The path Explorer has topology-aware and path-optimized capabilities, while the volumetric traffic management application software helps customers manage massive traffic attacks and large, legitimate traffic in the data center.

Because it is an open source product, Brocade Vyatta controllers offer customers a wider choice of development, sourcing, and application. At the same time, it is a commercially available product backed by brocade and can be used as a stable open-source development platform for Enterprise and third-party developers, fully ported to any Opendaylight-based controller. Open source gives Brocade SDN and NFV solutions a powerful vitality.

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SDN goes the way of open source

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