Seamlessly update the Android SDK in the wall

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Https:// Lucas• 10 months ago
    1. Open Android SDK Manager, open settings

2. Setting up the agent
You can choose one of the following

    • Dalian Neusoft Institute of Information Mirror server address:

Server: http :// Port 80

    • Beijing University mirror server address:
      • IPV4:/ http/ Port: 80
      • IPV4:/ http/ Port: 80
      • IPV6:/ http/ Port: 80
    • Shanghai GDG Mirror server address:

Server: http :// Port 8000

3. Close the Settings page, select Packages->reload Reload, then you can update the various SDKs without hindrance.

Androiddevtools also offers a number of Android related tools that are recommended to you.

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    • Lucas(author) CAS Open Source Association started supporting Android images in March 2015

      CAS Open Source Association Mirror station Android SDK mirroring Test posted 10 month ago 2 likes
    • Erhu praise 10 months ago
    • Yan Xiaoliang 50M Broadband, found that download speed only 15kib/s, suddenly heart good tired 10 months ago
    • Wentao speed really very slow, every update is lights out after the slowly ... 10 months ago
    • Letmethink Thank you landlord, very helpful 6 months ago
    • Thank you, best ren. I was in Beijing, testing found the fastest in northern chemicals.

Seamlessly update the Android SDK in the wall

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